3rd Trimester

Alternating cramping/stomach tightening...and NAUSEOUS!

I feel really dumb because this is baby # 2 for me - but my DS is 12 years old so I guess I'm paranoid I've forgotten! I am supposed to go to the hospital when my contractions are 8-10 minutes apart because I had such a fast labor with DS, so I feel like I really need to pay attention and not wait too long before I notice what's going on. 

I remember contractions feeling like the worst menstrual cramps imaginable.  I never had tightening of my stomach (BH) with DS so I would be inclined to only count cramps as contractions. 

With this LO I have had "tightening" of my stomach/uterus, and then separate from that I have also had periodic cramping. 

Which one (if either) do I count?  I see my dr on Wednesday but just wanted to see if anyone else has this issue.

Re: Alternating cramping/stomach tightening...and NAUSEOUS!

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