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How was your shower?

I know a lot of ladies had showers this weekend so I thought we could all "brag" about it to eachother.

Mine was fabulous! I couldn't believe all the presents! I did find it overwhelming when I was opening them because I wanted to take my time and show appreciation for the items I got but there were so many I didn't want to take forever. Plus I hate being the center of attention so my face was burining the whole time. Just about every person I invited came.

Re: How was your shower?

  • Mine was AWESOME!  My BFF, her mom and esp. mine really pulled out no stops for mine!  I had a lot of presents and felt the same way, I felt like it was taking me forever and I didn't want people to get bored, but I felt really spoiled!
  • Mine was fabulous, my mother and aunts did a great job!  I got tons of stuff but I was so tired afterwards!!!  My ankles dissappeared before my eyes so I was kind of glad when it was over.

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  • I felt exactly the same way!! I never like being the center of attention but that comes with the territory. I could tell about half-way through the gift-opening that several people were tuning out so I started to pick up the pace but did not want to not show my appreciation either.  It was very fun and their generosity was touching. My hostesses went above-and-beyond--had SO many details of my nursery theme and had all my favorite Easter candy for snacks for the girls. I never feel like I give a nice enough hostess gift but hopefuly I did.

    A few other things--I made sure I had one-on-one time with each guest at some point to catch up or thank them for coming. As for gifts, I got a LOT of clothes. Note to self--no need but many clothes prior to the shower. We are set, and thankfully, set well into the 9th month. I will need some basics like onesies and sleepers since everyone buys the cute dresses and "show" clothes. But I still need several basics so we need to use those April BRU coupons too.

    I hope everyone had great showers--now for the thank you notes!

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  • Mine was great, too!  Lots of people - mostly family.  And I realized the one thing that sucks about having a girl is that you get TONS of clothes and not much else!  Only a few things had been bought off our registry, but she now has shoes, hats, bows, headbands, and clothes galore!  I guess the little girl clothes are just too cute to pass up.  Thankfully my mom and DH's aunt were wise and got us monitor, boppy, and other necessities.  Most of the other guests showered us with adorable dresses.  :)  And my cake was absolutely amazing!  I am so glad we have leftovers!  After the shower, all the husbands came over and we had prime rib and tons of other food, so it turned into about an 8 hour event.  I was exhausted by the time it was all over, but very, very grateful.  We have one more shower - a couples shower in a few weeks, so hopefully we'll get more of the stuff we still need like our swing, baby bjorn, bottles, etc. 
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  • I had my first shower on Sat.  It was a bit overwhelming too...a lot of gifts and people to talk too.  I always feel like I didn't talk to people enough at these large gatherings.  But I did have a good time and certainly was blessed with all the goodies we got.  I would say about half were off the registry and about half were fun things.  When I got home, my DH was shocked with all the things I got.  Our living room is still overflowing because her room is not ready to have more things yet. 
  • We had our third one yesterday and it was wonderful. I loved seeing and catching up with friends I haven't seen for awhile and everyone was so generous! Pics will be up hopefully later tonight!
  • Mine was Saturday & it was awesome!  The hostesses did a fabulous job w/ so many cute details.  Tulips were everywhere, which I love!  So many people came.  I just always feel spread so thin when I'm "the person" & try really hard to talk meaningfully w/ everyone.  There's always a person or two I wish I could have spent more time with once it's all over.  We got TONS of stuff!  Mostly everything off our registry.  I just need to buy the carseat, diaper bag & a few small items and that's it! 

    Once strange thing was the amount of gender specific clothing we got since we are team green.  People feel sure we are having one gender or the other & purchased clothes accordingly.  I'm not complaining at all b/c it's all SUPER cute, but some of it will need to be returned either way.  Overall it was a wonderful time.  I can't wait to see photos since I didn't take too many myself.

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  • We had ours this weekend, and my sister outdid herself!  It was AMAZING!  We got mostly everything that we really needed off the registry, and lots of other stuff, too!  My family and friends were very generous, and I feel so thankful! 

    We had a great time, and had 3 car-fuls of stuff to bring home!  Lots of cute outfits, but a lot of really useful things, too.  Just a great time. 

  • I had a great friends/family shower on Saturday! I was surprised how many people bought off our registry! I think it's because we're Team Green. The only thing that sucks is everything that was 'in-store' has been purchased, and all that remains is online-only items. I have another shower in 2 weeks, so now I feel like I need to go to Target and bulk it up with some more in-store stuff.

    I'm so busy this week, but I want to go through everything and fish out the duplicates I need to return and organize/put everything away!

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  • Mine was saturday- we only had 30 people there but I felt like I was opening presents forever.  Surprisingly (and I'm totally happy about this) we got very little clothing.....almost everything we got was off our registry or handmade items that were great.  I had already done a TON of shopping with my mother for clothes and my SIL has a little boy who is providing tons of hand-me-downs so this was a real blessing to get all of the stuff we "needed". 

    When my DH walked in to start loading up the truck, he was shocked at how much stuff there was.  He's convinced we don't need it all and that our son is going to be spoiled......oh well!!! 

    We went to BRU on Sunday and purchased the very few things that we hadn't received and it's such a nice feeling to have everything set and ready for our little guy!  Glad to hear everyones' showers were a success!!!!

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  • Ours was wonderful co-ed shower. My husband really enjoyed himself he really likes opening up presents and such. We got a lot of stuff, but we only got one pair of socks! I was shocked I thought that would be something that we would get a ton of. We still need to get a few things, but that is cool. The baby shower gift bingo was a total hit! So no one got bored while we opened our presents. They were all eager for the next gift! It was really nice.
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