2nd Trimester

nose bleeds:(

i have been getting horrably nose bleeds, i have NEVER had one before this. To make things worse blood makes me woosy and sick lol. i dont know if its a pregnate thing or what?Big Smile

Re: nose bleeds:(

  • Lol I just had a nosebleed this morning! The first one ever since 1st grade. I was so irritated! I assume its all the dust though, it's been really windy where I'm at but I love to have the doors wide open... dang this beautiful weather!
  • From what I have read nose bleeds are common in the 2nd trimester - My nose got really dry and stuffy in the 1st trimester so I've been using a humidifier.  I haven't had any nosebleeds (never had one in my life) although sometimes what I blow my nose there is a slight amount of blood. My DH and SS used to get them all the time from the heat or dry air - my mom suggested using Ayr - it's a saline nasal gel - it's worked like a charm for them and since it's just saline it should be fine during pregnancy - I actually used some last night b/c I have a cold and my nose is dry, raw and stuffy - not fun - but it did help moisten up my nostrils and provide some relief. 
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  • I had my frst nose bleed at the begining of pregnancy usualy they happen in the shower or maybe its in the moring I just notice them in the shower it is sooo weird but it did happen when I was out to dinner with dh last week it takes you by suprise!!
  • I had nose bleeds around my 14-18th week I think. And I had never had them before either. I hear it is very very common.

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  • I never had a nosebleed before getting pregnant.  Now, in 3rd tri, I'm getting them more than ever.  They are also getting messier.  
  • Not fun:(  I have had little bits of blood in my nose, but no nose bleeds.  I have heard that it is more common during pregnancy.
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  • I had really bad nosebleeds throughout the 1st tri and into the 2nd tri. Not to be gross, but my nose would absolutely gush for about 5 minutes. It was horrible. It's very common due but still really annoying. It's slowed down now, which I think may be bc the weather in NY is getting warmer and more humid---not so cold and dry.
  • I've had them a LOT.  I had to buy a humidifier, use saline (only!) nose spray, and they are getting better.  My doc also recommends putting vaseline on your nostrils, but I haven't tried that, yet.

    One day I even had to go home from work, bc I got blood everywhere.  :(

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