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Would you recommend gDiapers?

I'm considering getting the Newborn Bundle and either using these exclusively or eventually transitioning to a combo of prefolds, pockets, and AIOs.  Are any of you big fans of gDiapers.  Why or why not?

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Re: Would you recommend gDiapers?

  • No. We used them for a few months and I desperately wanted to love them. The problem is that the inside plastic liner doesn't keep anything in, nor does the cover. The cover is cute but stretches out very easily and when you don't want to change your kid 4 or 5 times a day, can frustrate the poo out of you. We used them and used them, thinking I'd get better at it before I realized it was the diaper, not me. We got some Bum Genius AIOs and were super surprised at how well they worked, even though I couldn't throw them away. If you're looking for a hybrid type diaper the Flips look like they'd work better. I haven't tried them but I looked at them at the diaper store and they seem sooooo much nicer.

    I wish I could tell you that they're awesome, but they just didn't work for us. 

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  • Nope.  For us, they leaked and had blow outs.  Doing full on cloth was MUCH easier.  Plus, they're pretty pricey.  Particularly if you use the disposable inserts.
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  • I got them bc they sold them at BRU and I had millions of gift cards for the place, so I figured that would be cheapest. Good god do they suck!

    We have a cloth diaper store 45 mins away, made a trip there and decided on GroBaby and SmartiPants diapers. I really enjoy both (we favor the GroBaby however)?

  • I was just about to post this question.... I also really want to like and use these, so I hope SOME folks love these things!  
  • I have not used cloth yet (I am still pregnant and used disposables with my first) and have been doing a lot of research on CDs. I have found a lot of information on and as well. I will definitely be using CDs but I have been talked out of gDiapers by MANY CD moms. The cuteness is apparently the only redeeming quality they offer. I am leaning toward bumGenius AIOs and Gro Baby. Try to find out if there is a store near you that carries CD, oftentimes the staff working there is very knowledgeable on the subject and can help you with a decision. Most moms I know bought about 3 or 4 different brand shells and tried them all to see what worked best for their baby. Hope that helps, and good luck! I'm in your boat!
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