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pet jealousy?

Since we've brought LO home..our dog who was somewhat spoiled pre-LO...has had an interested in her, but stays away. We pat her and play with the dog often (not as much as before LO even though we try)..but LO is going on 6months..and our dog (Harley)..who has never had accidents in the house ..EVER (she's about 4yrs)...has now decided  to start peeing in LO's room...even pooped!!! I don't know what to do with her!

I would never want to get rid of her..but we live in an apartment and I can't have her doing this and ruining the rugs! HELP!

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Re: pet jealousy?

  • we have a cat and a dog and the dog loves LO ad LO loves his puppy BUT the cat did not like LO at all she peed in his bath tub on his carrier (have you ever tried to get cat pee smell out of something???) we finally had to get rid  of her lucily BIL lives rigt down the street.  But maybe you could talk to your vet they may have some good ideas on how to help you .... with the dog we gave her a blanket before we came home with LO and worked alot while I was pregnant with being gent. 

    sorry if that didn't help But i do understand what you are going through I dont know what we would have done if BIL didn't offer to take kitty

  • This behavior is fixable. I would re-crate train her for starters. Make sure she is going out enough and restrict her from your childs room.

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  • I have no advice, but I can cat peed in DS's carseat, among other places. Vet said it's "normal jealousy issues" and gave no suggestions whatsoever. Ugh. Frustrating, isn't it?
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  • We have a 1 year old German Shepherd who was also spoiled pre-baby, and he has had some jealousy issues as well. Before DD was born, we got her room ready and we let him roam around in there and smell things and check everything as per the advice of our vet, in order to help him get the idea that something was going on in there. Well he peed on the floor in her room like 3 times before she was born, it was so frustrating. Our vet said he was probably just acting out and was doing it to try and mark the territory as "his". We also brought a blanket home right after DD was born and I was still in the hospital to let him get the scent of her so when she came home it wouldn't be as much of a shock.

    He's done pretty well adjusting but still has issues. He was more spoiled by DH than he was by me so he tends to get more jealous when DH is doing things with DD. I try and play with him when DD is sleeping, but it's hard because I have so many other things to get done then. So as much as we try he does get less attention, but I don't think that can be helped. We don't let the dog in DD's room, or in any of our bedrooms actually, just because he's too nosey and he would get into things in there. Maybe try blocking off the room until he learns to behave. Or talk to your vet like another poster said for some ideas. I'm not much help, I'm sorry!! 

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  • I have heard this is very common, so you're not along.  My dog hasn't done anything like that, but he's been pretty mopey since DS came around... he's finally starting to realize that DS isn't going anywhere I think.  I agree with PP that you should talk to your vet. 
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