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I guess my question may not be appropriate or PC but how much weight are people gaining?  I am amazed every couple of days how much bigger I look and weight I gain.  I have some anxiety about my changing body.  Some days I don't realize I cant walk between a chair and table for example.  And people are always saying, "Wow!"  and "You are growing."  etc.  I have used the wieght gain calculator  At 19.5 weeks I was sticking pretty closely to where I was supposed to be, but now seem to be getting ahead to the curve.  How are others feeling?

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  • The link didn't work for me.  Where do you think you're supposed to be, based on the website?

    More importantly, what does your doctor say?  What are his/her recommendations for your weight gain?

    Many women on this board try to follow the guidelines of Dr. Luke, laid out in her book (which I don't have, and therefore don't know the exact title of).

    How far along are you?  How much have you gained until this point?  I assume you're having multiples, since you posted on the multiples board - is that accurate?

  • I was also feeling on track up until about 20 weeks, since then I've felt a bit out of control. I am 5'6" started out at 120 and at my last appt. at 27 weeks I had gained 40lbs. I think i'm being a little extra hard on myself because I am not eating nearly as healthily as I did prior to pregnancy, but I think overall I am still probably a pretty good eater. I just keep reminding myself that everyone is different and I know I will make myself lose the weight after the babies come. Don't get too hard on yourself, a happy momma makes for happier babies!
  • I'm 20.5 weeks with twin girls.  I have gained 20 or 21lbs, the website says I should have gained 14 lbs.  I guess it is not that far off.  It just all came on in the last few weeks.

  • image hem614:

    I'm 20.5 weeks with twin girls.  I have gained 20 or 21lbs, the website says I should have gained 14 lbs.  I guess it is not that far off.  It just all came on in the last few weeks.

    You're on track with what I know of Dr. Luke's recommendations.  20 lbs in the first 20 weeks.

    Still, though, what has your doctor said?

  • Oh my doc- he is totally laid back and just keeps saying "your fine" and fails to address it further.  Once he elaborated and said "(I) used to be a weight nazi..." and never said what the old him would have recommended.  Maybe if he gave me a number/ guide I would stop worrying about it.
  • I would not worry, unless you feel that you are overeating/eating things that are unhealthy.  I have eaten pretty much the same way all the way through my pregnancy, at some points losing weight, at some not gaining, and at others piling on weight.  I am up at least 40 lbs and am done knowing how much I weigh.

    As long as you are eating healthy foods in healthy amounts, you are doing the right thing for your babies!  Your weight gain sounds fine to me.

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  • I think I'll hit the 20lbs by 20 weeks mark this weekend.  I'm bigger than all my pregnant singleton friends and co-workers, but I'm dealing. 

    The way I see it, I'm eating great and running 20 miles a week, so there isn't much else I can do.  This is just what my body needs to gain, I suppose.  (But it better come off!  Do you hear that bod?!)


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  • I'm following Dr. Luke's guidelines.  According to my BMI, by week 12, I should have gained between 12 and 15 pounds.  I think I'm right on track to be up 12-13 pounds.  Which sucks, because I feel like you can really see it on my and I haven't told work yet.
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  • I believe in Dr. Luke's recommendations -- have you read that book?

    I gained about 22 pounds by 20 weeks.  Recently, I was well past 40 and I now stopped weighing myself.  All that is important is that I was able to carry these babies to 36 weeks and still going strong.  I believe the weight gain helped me carry them this long. 

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