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How come DD LOVES the boring 3-bear mobile that came with her bassinet?  The bears are identical, and plain white.  It rotates and she can entertain herself with it forever.  And she HATES the expensive, colorful, animal-themed,  multi-sensory, music and lights mobile that's attached to her crib.

Re: sigh...mobiles

  • LOL.... cause thats what little girls do.... drive mommies crazy!!!  DD hated the bassinet I loved and had to have.  She LOVES the pack and play newborn napper we ended up craming in our room to fit.  Now DH and I can't watch TV together at night b/c she's right next to it sleeping.    We use the bassinet changing table and that's it.  Oh well...

     She may decide to change her mind and like it later on so don't get too discouraged.

  • LMAO! DS loves his three bear mobile too - can't get enough of it. Just be glad she likes something and therefore can be distracted
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