3rd Trimester

38 week appt

Still no progress. At the moment, it is not a problem. I still feel great. My BP was 100/68. Her heartbeat was 151 bmp. She is measuring right on time. I was only a fingertip dilated. Now, next week if it's still like this, I may feel differently. But, I am hoping to hold out till her due date.

Last night I did wake up in the night and heard a pop. I was scared for a second because I was hoping it wasn't my water breaking. It wasn't! I didn't want to stand up in fear that it was my water. LOL I know that's silly. But after reading that happening to other, I wasn't sure. I just knew I wasn't ready. But it was either me or her popping.

My husband was talking to my belly during lunch trying to tell her to come out. She kicked him. I told him that was her saying she was quite comfortable where she is!

Good luck and labor dust to all the ladies who are close to 40 weeks and above!

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Re: 38 week appt

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