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Insulin dep GD @ 37 wks w/o growth US? Anyone else?

Last US was at 23 wks, after that dr's just been measuring my pubic bone to top of the uterus and seeing if the centimeters correlate with my # of weeks in pregnancy.  Does anyone else with insulin dependent GD dr NOT do US's to estimate size?  .

 I had my NST today and passed with flying colors, which is great because I don't want to be induced if at all possible.  Told me to come back next week for another one and to check me to see if I'm dialated at all.   If pass NST will prob wait til following week (39) to induce - unless NOTHING is going on "down there" towards labor, and then said he'd let me go to my due date but not past it.

I have a call into the office to ask about concern over baby's size now through possibly next 3 wks (my sister had a 10 lb 12 oz baby vaginally - ouch!) but until then wanted to see if this plan is similar to anyone else's.

Re: Insulin dep GD @ 37 wks w/o growth US? Anyone else?

  • I was told if I was on meds they'd do a scan at 36 weeks to check size.  But I'm pretty far away from that still so we'll see! =)

    I don't think it is uncommon for doctors to rely on the fundal height as a growth measurement (despite its inaccuracy) but I'm not sure if like my practice it depends on whether or not you're on meds.

  • I had one last week (33w) and I think I will have one more to check the placenta since that is something they worry about with insulin.  Baby measured over 2 weeks ahead, but my fundal measurements are right on track so the OB was not concerned.  I also get NST's two times a week, but DS was a preemie and I have had regular contractions for awhile now.  My sister's last baby was almost 11 lbs also without GD.  I am a bit nervous too, but the two of us prove that every person is different.  I have a preemie and she has been late and had to get induced with every pregnancy.  I have had all sorts of complications and hers were pretty smooth sailing. 

    OB will not let me go past 38-39 weeks now that I am on insulin. 

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