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How to get 10 wk old to STTN

DS has been sleeping 4 hour stretches, basically since day 1 - At 10 weeks old, he is still doing the same.. I BF during the day, and pump.. then at night he gets a BM bottle right before bed (6 ozs). Goes down around 10:30-11 and is up around 3 and 7 every night... How can I get him to start skipping the 3:00 feeding? I have tried to give him his paci, but within 5 minutes, he spits it out and starts crying again.


Also, he is VERY difficult to put to bed at night.. sometimes it takes us 30 minutes of on and off crying, us going into his room, giving his paci back, etc.. until he actually falls asleep.. any tips?? :) TIA

Re: How to get 10 wk old to STTN

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