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dealing with baby bump

People at work are starting to say they can see a baby bump. I am 18 weeks pregnant and every time someone says it I get really sad. I don't want to start showing yet, but guess I don't really have an option. Any ideas on how not to be sad about this and how to embrace it?

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  • Be proud of your bump...it mean your baby is growing and healthy....show it proudly! I am sure you look so cute!
  • Why does it make you sad to start showing?
  • I was total opposite, and kept waiting for my bump to make its presence. I get not wanting to be huge just yet, but I'm sure you're not- like you said, you're only 18 weeks !
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  • I couldn't WAIT to start showing? It's all part of pregnancy, it's a good thing it means that your baby is growing!! 
  • Is there a reason you don't want to be showing yet? Sorta strange to me as i couldn't wait to show! Are you happy to be pregnant?

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  • I couldn't wait for my bump to start showing! I was so proud!


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  • Why are you sad you are starting to show? When were you expecting to show? 

  • I felt the same way you do, I was dreading showing at first.. but here I am in week 20 and its growing (ha no pun intended) on me.  I'm actually finding myself looking forward to noticing the slight changes each day. 

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  • I was ambivalent about the whole showing thing for a bunch of reasons (all of a sudden, one's body is public, the stares, all the questions, leaving one's pre-pregnancy life behind symbolically, etc.). Not sure if that's your story. At 20 weeks, people have just started to notice...and I no longer fit into any of my former work clothes. So, I went shopping last week and bought some new things...the maternity clothes aren't as awful as I had thought, and they've vastly improved my mood. Today, I came out of the pregnancy closet, so to speak, and wore one of the more revealing (bump-wise) dresses I had bought. It felt good to get that over with and it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be.
  • Believe it or not, I was sad too when people starting commenting around 25/26 weeks (and I was a late bloomer!). Not sure why I was sad even...but now, after I've had a chance to get used to it, I'm lovin the bump and totally embracing my new shape.



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  • Be happy - you have a beautiful miracle inside you :) Embrace your growing belly because we all know you will get much bigger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my belly and wear form fitting shirts to show it! It is a wonderful thing and feeling. My Husband loves it to - he will look at my belly and say "preggo belly, preggo belly". I am sure you are beautiful!!!
  • The day mine started to look like a bump rather than an overweight gut I nearly cried I was so excited. I was tired of looking like i was just putting on weight.
  • It may be possible that I don't want to start showing because I have not truly embraced being pregnant. it also might be because I have been planning a wedding for almost a year and a half and it is in May and I don't want to have to alter my dress. I shouldn't get sad, and I am trying not to, but sometimes when people mention it I just feel like they think that I am fat even though they all know I am pregnant
  • If it makes you feel better I was showing at 12 weeks.  But I am short so it made sense.  But I understand the getting bigger.  I think I would be more proud of y bump is it was just a bump but I am getting wider everywhere (like my butt!) and my face is fuller.  I am 26 weeks long and getting bigger. lol.  Just try to remember the joyful thing that is growing inside of you. 
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  • I'm sorry you are sad about your bump...did you want to try to make it through the wedding without showing or letting others know that you were pregnant?  I hope it grows on you soon, you have a miracle growing inside of you.  You should be proud and thankful.
  • This is the ONLY TIME you'll ever get to have a belly for an excellent reason. It's not cause you're eating too much, it's not cause you drink too much beer, it's not because you don't work out. Embrace the fact that you've got an excuse to look the way you do. I've had a hard time dealing with it, too - but it helps to know that for one, it's for all good reasons, and two, you're gonna bounce right back! It's not going to last forever and that's the best part :)
  • Huh? perhaps you should have thought of that before you got knocked up?
  • I can't even imagine being sad about showing. Do you have a history with eating disorders? I know that can make it hard on some people.
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  • Why don't you want to start showing yet? I wish I was showing more!! Maybe think about why you don't want to start showing yet and try to work through it.
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  • Hormones. Gotta love them.

    I was super excited to show..and now that I am, some days can't contain my excitement and some days I wish people would shut up about it. LOL. So, I get it. For the most part though I love it because it means my beautiful baby boy is growing and doing well!

    What kind of clothes are you wearing? Maternity or normal clothes? Cuz I eel a lot better when I wear maternity because i makes me feel like I look pregnant and not fat, plus it makes me stop thinking about the size I used to wear.

    Good luck! And CONGRATS! There's a litte miracle inthat bump!

  • image **Octoberbride09**:
    Huh? perhaps you should have thought of that before you got knocked up?

     Well, having sex leads to getting knocked up (at least with the vast majority of birth control methods this is still a real possibility) so how far ahead should she have planned?

     To the OP: I totally relate. I am just entering my second trimester and I'm short and skinny so I look much different in the torso now. I feel like I mostly look thicker but people at work are touching, examining, constantly telling me how big I'm getting. I really don't want to hear it.

     Maybe I should have worked throught this response before I got knocked up, though. Sheesh.

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