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Just wondering.. do you still call your baby the nickname that you called them when they were an inside baby?? Or do you have a new nickname you call them =)

My DD was nicknamed Roo after our 12 week u/s - she wouldnt sit still for the NTS.. was literally bouncing off the wall like a Kangaroo.. so I became Kanga.. the nickname kind of stuck with my side of the family.

 My DH however calls her Khy now that she is here.. =)

Re: Nicknames..

  • DH called DD "Ally Cat" while I was pregnant.. I called her "baby". Now, he calls her "peanut" and I call her "mama". lol
  • Once we found out that he was a "he", we called him by his name. ?

    When he was born and I was with him in the hospital, he picked up the nickname "Mungry". ?It's kind of a goofy nickname, so I really only called him that when I was alone at first, but H must have overheard me, because now he calls him that too. ?He's called Mungry about as often as he is called his name. ?

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  • At first he was called "the boy" but his name is Blue, so its The Blue. I call him Bug-a-Boo, and his DH calls him Bucko, too. Pretty much anything that starts with a B lol
  • Nathan was always 'monkey' & 'little foot' when he was an inside baby.

    After he came out, he instantly became Peanut. I still call him the others too tho.

    His main nickname is Nate - Burger. Lol.

  • DH called LO "poochie" while she was an inside baby. Now she gets all kinds of nicknames, none of which are poochie. 
  • I call DD chicka or chickaboom....have NO clue how I came up with that one, but somehow it keeps coming out of my mouth!  DH calls her peanut
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  • My nn for her changes on a daily basis, mostly it refers to some characteristic at the time.

    When she was new I called her bug/bugaboo because of how she was all tucked up like a bug.

    Now I call her little laa because of how she cries and it's like "laa, laa, laa"

    and in amongst is sprinkled sweetpea, chickpea, chicken, princess, sweetie, goblin face, monkey toes, g-nomie etc etc etc 

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  • We called the baby KB the entire time I was pregnant. It was a no-brainer: rhymes with baby and is the initials of our two last names. We were worried that once KB got here it would have stuck, but it hasn't. As soon as we knew it was Tristan that was it. He has a bunch of nicknames because of his red hair but nobody calls him KB.

    That makes it easier to call the next inside baby KB too/2. : )

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  • we called DD chicken while I was pregnant. I still call her chicken...DH thinks I am giving her a complex :o)
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