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Anyone else late in pregnancy with backpain?

I just feel like I am a mess today.  I am having contractions throughout the day but unfortunately nothing consistant (BOO!).  I am having back pain which isn't normal aches and pains type of things it is coming before and after contractions for the most part. 

I have seen a chiropractor in the past for back pain and this is definitely not the same type of pain, it is not in the hips just the lower back.  Anyone else?  Is this back labor?  It is very uncomfortable!

Re: Anyone else late in pregnancy with backpain?

  • One of my girlfriends had back labor. She said there was no denying what it was and that it was crippling pain.
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  • I get random back pain, but it is super painful.  DH got me an electric blanket and if I lay on top of it it usually helps out in about 20-30 mins.
  • I had this bad yesterday. Unfortunetly false labor and real labor both contain back pain symptoms. It is normal for some people to have them with contractions/cramping.

    If it's back labor you would be in so much pain you couldn't sit right.

  • When I went into labor I felt a radiating back pain that happened with each contraction.
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    Real back pain labor is going to be excruciating and you can't just sit through it. If it's just uncomfortable, it's probably just practice ones. I've been getting them too, and upon the advice of some elders, I went out and purchased a heating pad and it helps a little.
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  • I had back labor with DD...she was posterior, so the back of her little head was scraping along my spine.  It started of as mild contractions with a lot more pain in my back than in the abdomen, but believe me, when you get into active labor, will KNOW it if you are having back labor.  Its not just mild back pain.  I was walking the hospital halls and whenever a contraction hit, I couldn't walk or talk.  The only think that helped was breathing...it also helped when my husband applied pressure to my lower back with his thumbs. 
  • I've had this for a couple weeks now and my doc said it's because the baby's head is so low in my pelvis that it will give you all kinds of pressure, plus push on all the nerves down there. NOT FUN!
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  • When I had it the other night it was painful, but bearable.  Today may have just been the way I was sitting when I was having the contractions that didn't help. 
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