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More Potty Training Help Needed!

My DS is 3 in May and I have been potty training him for the last 2 and a half weeks. Problem is that he is no closer then when he was when we started. I started by going cold turkey and putting him in underwear (except fo naps and bedtimes). I take him to sit on the potty at regular intervals and if he has to go when he's there he pees or poops in the potty. However if he's not on the potty then he just goes where he is. It doesn't bother him at all either he just keeps running around until someone notices he's wet and then he changes into a new pair of underwear. I'm really frustrated and I'm tempted to put him back into diapers because i"m not sure he's ready but he's almost 3 so he should be!

Re: More Potty Training Help Needed!

  • Stop trying intervals and ask him (pretty much constantly) to remind you when he needs to go potty.  Keep a close eye on him and as soon as you see any sign he is having a potty accident, RUN him to the potty.  Praise him a lot when anything gets into the potty, even if he has had an accident. Really go over the top in your praise, get very excited, call people, have him brag, give rewards etc.  The idea is to have him start to recognize when he needs to use the potty.  (Oh and stay only underwear, no training pants of any kind.)  Good luck!
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  • I've pointed to this short article before - "In The Toilet" - Most respectful approach I've tried, and it makes so much sense. Generally, following 'Tips and Tricks' is not the way to treat your toddler.  
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