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My epidural was amazing!

I never saw a post like this when I was on here. So, I thought I would share for the undecided like I was. I was induced at 6am on Friday morning at 3 cm. and 80% effaced. At about 7:30am I was almost 4cm about 85% effaced and my Dr. broke my water. The pain poured in from there. I asked for an epidural and 10-15min. later not a moment too soon.... It was started. I kicked DH out the room and held onto the nurse like no tomorrow. The anesthesiologist was amazing. There was a slight sting from the local and all was well. I told him to tell me nothing except what he wanted me to do... It was amazing, he did however explain most of the process to me which helped a lot. After about 10-15 min... labor was a breeze! Even pushing... minus the IV being in the way. My only glitch was that LO's head got stuck and started to swell. I was also glad that they only had to vamp up my epidural for the c-section...verses a spinal tap when I was already stressed. Good Luck girls! I hope it goes well 4 u all!
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Re: My epidural was amazing!

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