2nd Trimester

severe tailbone pain anyone?

I am calling the doctor regardless just to keep her updated.

I am having severe pain in my tailbone area. It comes at random times but doesnt leave until i sit once its hurting and still aches after that. I worry just because i have spina bifida and im afraid ive done something to my tailbone. But i also know pregnancy can do some crazy things to your body so i didnt know if anyone else shared this issue or if i should take it a little more seriously?

thanks girls :) 

im not very far along so i cant imagine baby is putting weird pressure on it yet....


Re: severe tailbone pain anyone?

  • I've been having the same pain over the weekend.  I've been saying it's my sciatic nerve because that's what it usually is. Is the pain shooting down ur right leg?  Mine is not (as of yet). Bring it up to your doctor just to be on the safe side.  Hope you feel better.
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  • I had the same thing last week and it was awful. I couldn't walk very far for several days without being in severe pain. From what I have read its sciatic nerve pain. A tilted uterus can cause it early on, it also can come earlier with a second pregnancy. I don't remember having this with my DS.  Luckily, so far these past few days it has gotten better for me.
  • I have oddly been having it since my 8th week! :S It kills. My back will lock in the same position and it kills to come out of that position!!! 
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  • yes I have to shift my weight all the time when I am sitting down....it is painful!
  • I WAS having this pain, but DH gave me a really great back rub and it relieved a lot of tension and pressure. So, I don't really know if it was my sciatic nerve or not.

    Sounds like that's what it might be for you, but if you're going to call your doctor anyway.. she'll be able to tell you more clearly what it might be.

  • It's your sciatic nerve. (most likely) mine has been acting up for a few weeks, some days its brutal, others i barely feel it. it sucks and expect it to last until the end of you pregnancy. use a heating pad or ice it. thats all you can really do

  • I thought I was the only one.  Its killing me!!! It especially hurts when I sit down.  Any pressure on that area hurts pretty bad. My doc doesn't seem worried and my husband is convinced it just pressure from my uterus.  Mine hasn't gotten any better.  I noticed it at about 10-12 weeks and am now about 25 weeks.
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