Pregnant after a Loss

My Miracle

In August of 2009 I found out I was pregnant while serving in Iraq. But, I only found out after I had some SEVERE cramping while at work one day. They sent me to see the doctor and that's when I found out. I had no idea I was even pregnant. So, They did an ultrasound and couldn't find anything. So they sent me to a different part of Iraq and I found out that I had an ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy). I was so distraught, well I had to have emergency surgery (in Iraq without any family and during a war). Nonetheless I was sent home early to recovery and never got sent back. They took out my tube and one of my ovaries because it had a large cyste. Five months after my surgery I found out I was pregnant again. I was so scared that I would lose another one. But, let's just say I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and the baby is very healthy and okay. I don't know the gender yet, but I get the feeling it's a girl. This is my miracle child after a long hard ordeal and having very little chance to conceive. I'm very thrilled and cannot wait to be a mom. :)Party!!!

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