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80% What's up with that?

Okay so I was told at my last Ultrasound that there's an 80% chance I'm having a girl, but what the heck does that mean? Do I register for the Pink stuff or not? I understand that there are gender neutral things out there, but not everything has that option, besides, there are really cute things out there that I want, Do I get them or not? I've got half my family telling me to go for it 80% is 80% and if the baby comes out with extra equipment we'll worry about it then. Then I have the other half telling me to wait until my next ultrasound; first off I'm not sure how many more ultrasounds I get or when I get them, and I'm 26 weeks along, and feel useless not planning and setting things up. Anyone know what I'm talking about or have any advice to give me?

Re: 80% What's up with that?

  • 80% wouldn't be high enough for me to invest in pink stuff... if you don't get another ultrasound by the doctor, I'd pay for a 3D one.
  • 80%..

    ETA...just saw 26w...that's low. I'd go for the 3D if you truly want to know.

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  • We were told 98% chance of a boy, but I'm going back in a month before we buy any big ticket items that may be gender specific.  I'd do the 3D gender guarantee before I buy anything.  
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  • Dr thinks our LO is a boy (didn't give us a percentage).. but said not to "paint the nursery blue yet". Booo!

    It makes it hard because I wanted to start my registry/nursery. Some gender neutral things are cute.. but I want a mix of gender specific stuff too. I just don't want to start it, then have to re-do it if the Dr was wrong. I have another u/s in 3 1/2 weeks. I guess I just have to wait until then. But you're farther along than me.. So I'd try to find out when your next u/s is.. or go to a 3D. Good Luck! :)
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  • You wouldn't necessarily have to get a 3D ultrasound unless you wanted one....the same clinics that do 3D/4D ultrasounds also do gender ultrasounds. They're just plain 2D one, but they're a lot cheaper than 3D/4D one!!
  • My u/s tech gave us an 80% at 22 weeks. But when I went to my doctors appt, my doc said its definitely a girl. And the u/s tech circled "F" on the the papers. So I asked "are you sure because the u/s tech only said 80%" and she's like I can see in the pics it's a girl. So maybe ask your doctor?
  • Our doc told us she's "pretty sure" it's a girl at our 23 week appointment, so we're assuming that it is.  We won't be buying anything pink until she confirms it again though!

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