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c-section ladies

I am going to have a scheduled c-section next Thursday.  I was hoping to hear about how your c-sections went and what to expect as far as recovery goes or anything you wish you knew before.  I know each one of us is different, but I am looking for some general feedback!  Thanks girls!!
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Re: c-section ladies

  • I've had 2 and they were both pretty much the same in terms of recovery and pain. And honestly, they really weren't that bad. It hurts a lot the day after, so make sure you take the pain meds because they really do help. But overall, it's really manageable and not as bad as you're probably expecting. GL!
  • The actual c-section wasn't bad the worst part was throwing up on the operating table. No one told me that happens sometimes. Recovery in the hospital was fine (get all the meds you can) but recovering at home was hard and depressing. I couldn't be a mommy like I want to. I had to have lo handed to me, I couldn't sleep on my side, and every movement hurt... TAKE IT EASY... you will need it.
  • I am reposting this from a previous post I made on 3rd tri. I am too lazy to retype haha.


    Well I wanted to share that I had a wonderful c-section experience.

    I was extremely nervous going into the operating room as you can imagine...the nurses and anesthesiologist were very helpful in calming me down and it helped me a lot to just talk about random things like my dogs. Once my spinal was in I got nauseated but they gave me medication quickly in my IV for that and all was well. I didn't feel any extreme pulling or pressure like some people have felt during their procedure. Adam came out just fine and the hard part was waiting to be stapled up before reuniting with my baby.

    I was up and about the following morning about 6 am after my c section which was 10 am the day before. Getting up the first time was difficult but not too bad. My staples came out four days after surgery and I only had to take pain medication for about a week. I feel fantastic and honestly feel weird when people ask me how I am feeling (like what to you mean, I have to remind myself that I had surgery a couple weeks ago). I was up and about in no time!!! Just take your pain meds and you will be fantastic!

    My birth experience and recovery have been a wonderful blessing. Just wanted to share a positive c section and c section recovery with you all! 
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  •       I ended up having a c-section and it wasn't bad at all! The actual procedure was fine; I didn't feel a thing. 12 hours later, a nurse had me walk around the maternity floor, which definitely sucked, but it gets easier each time. Recovery is all about REST and making sure you're taking your pain meds as needed (don't be afraid to ask your nurse for more if you need it!). One thing I hadn't thought of: we originally had DS's cradle set up next to our bed, but because it was so high, it was a pain to get in and out of... so, we ended up moving the cradle next to the couch so I was more comfortable. Not really a big deal, but maybe something to consider. Best of luck next Thursday! :)

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  • I LOVED my c-section. Loved it. I had to go under general because my spinal didn't work and I still don't regret anything. My recovery is a breeze, I was off the pain meds within 48 hours and I had no complications. My biggest piece of advice: get up and move ASAP. I was up as soon as they would let me and I honestly think that made the biggest difference. If we have another baby, I will go for another c-section.

    Good luck!


    (also- A c-section was my biggest fear. DON'T worry about it. It's a piece of cake!)

  • With a sceduled c-section you will go in early and be prepped in advance--hooked up to monitor, IV fluids, etc.  Once I was all hooked up I had to go to the bathroom so they put in the catheter instead of waiting. 

    As far as recovery--you will have the catheter in post surgery until they get you up and walking which will be sooner rather than later.  The longer you are in bed without getting up the greater the risk for blood clots.  Plus, you will heal faster if you get up and move around as much as possible, despite the pain.

    I had a morphine drip after surgery which made me feel awful so got rid of that.  Then I took percecet and motrin.  Also did not like the way the pain meds made me feel so after the first full day I was only taking motrin. 

    You will need help with the baby in the hospital. If your DH can stay over with you, thay will be very helpful.  He will get used to changing diapers very fast as those first few days will be hard. 

    Best advice--walk around as much as possible!!!!!

     Good luck  :-) 


  • I also had a c-section and I was up and moving around with in 8 hours of the surgery.  I never had any of the complications that you hear about and went home with in 48 hours of being admitted to the hospital.  Once I got home I had no trouble picking up or carrying my little one up and down our stairs.  It has been a really easy recovery.


    Good luck!

  • I had a c-section after DD wouldn't turn.  I don't think I got up the first day at the hospital and I ate pretty light until I could poop.  When you go home- take the pain meds- even if you think you are feeling okay.  You will be so pumped up on new mommy duty you'll forget that you need to heal.  I would do things with DD during the day and then feel them later at night.  Stairs were a challenge for me for about a week.  DH stayed home for that time.  I think I really needed help the first 1-2 weeks and after that I could manage. By then only the incision itself was tender.  I wore my maternity undies and sweats to avoid pressure on the wound itself. 

     BTW- Waiting to be cleared to drive sucked!  I was climbing the walls by the time Dr said okay. Good luck!


  • I had to have a c-section because my dear lo decided to go breech during week 39. I was scared to death about having a c-section because I had heard so many horrible things about them. After it was all said and done I'm glad I had a c-section because I didn't have to go through labor and didn't have to go through any pain. I hated being confined to the bed the first night, I just wanted to get up and move so as soon as they took the catheter out I was up and moving around (slowly, of course). I was scared to get out of bed though, because I thought I was going to rip open my incision site but I was just being paranoid. I walked around the floor that I was on like 3 times a day. My daughter, Olivia, was born on a Friday and I was released from the hospital on Sunday. I do regret not staying one more day only because I would've gotten more sleep that since we were sending her to the nursery at night, haha. Take your pain meds as prescribed and you'll have absolute minimal pain, and just remember to take it easy at home. Also, enjoy having people do everything for you because it won't last long and you'll be missing that later on!
  • I had my second C on 3/6 and it went well.  My biggest issue right now is the lifting/driving restrictions.  I can't pick up my toddler and she is too little to understand why.  I also HATE relying on others to take me to appointments, etc and want to drive very badly!!!
  • The first week of recovery was a little rough, but after that I gets easier every day. Walking around definitely helps. I had an iv and a catheter in for a few days after, and I'm glad I brought some Olay daily facials cloths because I could wash my face with one hand. I couldn't shower until day 3, so just washing my face and brushing my teeth felt great.
  • I will be honest and say that it wasn't that bad.

    I had a c/s following a failed version.  I have had 2 previous vaginal deliveries, and was horribly upset by the prospect.

    I had to have a spinal because the epis didn't work, but even that wasn't bad.  LO was born at  1:13 in the afternoon, and I walked to the bathroom at 5:00 that afternoon with help from the nurses. That is the bonus of a spinal.  It wears off after a few hours.

    My biggest complaint was that I wasn't allowed to hold LO for about an hour after the surgery while I was in recovery.  I was used to having a vaginal delivery and getting to hold and keep the baby straight away.

    I only needed to stay 48 hours and I felt pretty good.  

    Stay ahead of the pain, and take the meds before you start hurting.  I got up and walked often.  About every 2 hours I took LO and DH for a walk around the maternity floor.  I would push LO around in her little bassinet.  

    I had  surgery on Monday, and was at the park with the family on Friday. 

    Take it easy and rest when you can. 

    I suggest taking the boppy to help you hold LO after surgery. 


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