1st Trimester

Can't get over this comment! Need to Vent!

So, I ended up telling work today (the people that matter, that is)... 1, because I feel like I am already starting to show and 2, because I am just excited that I am 12 weeks tomorrow, so think they should know.

 ONe of the "higher ups,"whom I told last night and was so excited when she saw me this morning, says to me as she sees me walk in the meeting room, "You are already wearing maternity clothes?"  I had a regular top on that was empire waisted and yes, maternity pants... didn't know if she was asking a question or making a snarky comment..

 I responded by saying, "yes, my pants aren't fitting me anymore." Then, I obsessed over what I should have said. Realize that absolutely no one can take away the happiness I have, but it just sucks that people have no tact whatsoever!  HMMPPPHHH!!!!

 I want to go back and say something to her, but won't! What's the point? arrggghhhhh!!!

Re: Can't get over this comment! Need to Vent!

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