3rd Trimester

Going to murder my Aunt! Vent

I just got back from the OB and we've decided to induce tomorrow, my due date. 

 I have told the following people: DH, mom, MIL

I specifically told DH, mom and MIL that I do not want people to know about the induction.

My mom told me that she said she only planned on telling my grandmother.

I said, "Ok, as long as you make it clear that I do not want her telling anyone either."

So I'm on the phone with my MIL and get a beep...it's my crazy aunt that has no kids, and I'm convinced plans on kidnapping LO when he's born.

She says "Wanted to call to wish you luck tomorrow!" 

Uh, ok..fine, crazy aunt knows

I then go on FB and have a message from my college friend asking if I'm getting induced tomorrow.  Crazy Aunt text messaged her to let her know(apparently my Aunt told a bunch of my friends at my baby shower that she'd gladly keep them up to date on what was going on and exchanged phone numbers with a bunch of guests).

So now I just deleted a message that everyone and their mother could read on FB about me getting induced!!

 I am livid!  LIVID!!! 

Re: Going to murder my Aunt! Vent

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