2nd Trimester

Update to my post about my dog's liquid poop.

I posted this last night:  Link

Poor little Oliver was up every 1.5 - 2 hours last night letting us know he needed too poop again - at least he was letting us know so we could take him out!

He didn't go this morning once we got up (he went tee tee 2 times though and was going out) so I thought maybe it was better.


I got in the shower and about 3 minutes in I got a whiff of nasty liquid poop.  As soon as I got out of the shower I went on the search (the dogs were shut in our master bedroom so it had to be there).  I could not find it. 

Finally I realized that he shot poop all over our leather couch in our sitting area.  Bonus points to his aim as he managed to not just get it on the leather but my pile of dry cleaning I was planning on dropping off this morning.  Bonus #2 for Oliver ? he waited until hubs left for work so I was stuck cleaning it up.  Mean little thing.

Oliver: 1  Momma: 0

Needless to say sick little boy is at the vet.

Re: Update to my post about my dog's liquid poop.

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