3rd Trimester

anyone else overdue?

am I the most overdue?

how's it going? what's your plan of action?

Re: anyone else overdue?

  • I'm overdue, but not as much as you. I plan on getting my fluid levels checked Friday (41 weeks) and waiting until the following week to get induced.
  • me, me! i'm ok with it though :) LO is still measuring small and so I'm not worried about delivering a baby goliath.  that, and i have a lot to do still so i'm in noooo hurry. same as PP i'll be having my fluid levels checked tomorrow and go from there :)
  • Me! Although you are several days ahead of me. My next doctor's visit is this Friday - my OB is away this week, so I'll be seeing someone else. I guess we will come up with a plan then. My OB did say that she'd be talking about inducing at about 10 days overdue. I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point though.
  • I'm fine. I have appt tomorrow where we will figure out the plan of action...I can't be induced since I had a csection.

    If I'm dilated, he can break my water to try for a VBAC or if I'm not dilated I can schedule a csection. 

    I'm not sure I want to go to 42 weeks exactly...

  • I'm very proud of you ladies for not screaming for an induction!
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  • image MrsMoody2006:
    I'm very proud of you ladies for not screaming for an induction!

    This!!  I actually asked my doctor at my last appt how late he'd let me go; I REALLY want to avoid a c section if I can, so I also want to avoid an induction if I can since they have a higher likelihood of needing a c section after.  

  • Oh bless all of you overdue women for making it this far!

    I'm coming to the 40 week mark and am pulling my hair out.  My OB has planned on having the induction talk on Wednesday (1 day before EDD) and I'm very apprehensive.  Someone once wrote that 40 weeks is an estimate, not an expiration.

    Good luck to you all!

  • I'm overdue, but only by a couple days.  I go back to the doc on Wednesday.  Doc has already scheduled to induce on Thursday because of her projected size and my birth weight she doesn't want me to go too far over.
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  • I'm not overdue (yet)   today is my EDD though.  My doctor said he won't let me go more than a week over because he thinks that the date is pretty accurate since I got to the doctor fairly early in the pregnancy and such.  I don't want to be induced or have a c-section if not necessary.  I have an appt. tomorrow so I guess we'll discuss the options then.

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