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sizes drive me nuts.....

what size will your dc be wearing this summer? my ds will be 2 next week and everyone asks what size but in some stores he falls into the 2t and some 3t according to the size chart.  do i just tell people to get 3t?  ugh!!!

Re: sizes drive me nuts.....

  • Yes. K can wear 2 but I feel like it will be too short (in the belly :) soon. And 3t is not too big.
  • I just go for 3T.. I figure if anything, she'll grow into them or can wear them a little big :)
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  • I find it varies by brand too, which drives me even more nuts.  DS is super short, so he is still wearing 12 months right now.  I think we are going to try 18 month shorts this summer...although they look like capris on him!  I say bigger is better, because they can grow into them if they shrink (which they always seem to do by the end of a season!)
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  • I just try and tell people her weight and height, but they never remember so I err on the bigger size when saying a size, figuring it's better to be bigger than smaller!  Although it will be interesting this summer since my DD is tall and skinny so while if she were wearing pants she'd probably need a 4T for length, she can probably do a 3T when we're talking shorts and dresses, since length isn't as much an issue.....
  • Ben will be wearing 3T. He's very tall and the shirts and pants are too short if he's in 2T.
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  • I hate clothes shopping for DD.  She is very tall (all in the leg) and super skinny (she only weighs 24lbs), so clothes are hard to buy.  I love the adjustable waist jeans, but they don't make those kind of things in shorts/capris etc.  God forbid we potty train this spring, and the poor kid could fit back into 12 month pants in the waist (we cloth diaper, so they help hold stuff up).  I also hate asking for one size up, because they don't grow as fast now, and you can't wear shorts in December here =)  For Christmas and her birthday, I gave a very specific list of what size she needed from which store....seemed silly, but she was able to wear everything she got (instead of me ending up putting stuff in bins that she never wore)

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