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the human pacifier

Anyone else feeling this way?

I am EBF'ing my daughter and while I love the bond we have because of it, I can't keep this up forever. I am the only person/thing that can calm her down when she gets herself all worked up. We swaddle, shush, swing, lay her on her name it, we've tried it. She can be screaming hysterically and the second she latches onto me - silence! She may not even be hungry....the poor girl just wants something to suck on and hold in her mouth. We've tried every pacifier imaginable and only the soothie and Nuk work (IF they stay in her mouth.)

She won't fall asleep unless she's nursing, riding in the car, or sucking on her pacifier. The second I move her from my arms after BF she's awake and searching for me again. How does everyone everyone else do it? Please tell me it does get better...

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Re: the human pacifier

  • Have you tried the Dr. Weil pacifiers? They have them at babys'r'us - It's  a HUGE paci compared to most - but it's the only one our DD will take and she is very much the same way about nursing for comfort.

    and because of it's size, she was able to hold it in her mouth much easier when she was really small- now she's almost 2.5 months old and it's still her very favorite.

  • I haven't seen or tried that one yet, but you can bet I will have it in the next day or two!! Thanks for the recommendation.

    p.s. I'm a blog stalker of yours :) I absolutely love reading your blog - you do an amazing job of conveying your thoughts on paper (or the computer screen)

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  • I'm in the same boat.....I posted last week about my LO holding my boobs hostage!!

    People assure me this will get better...hang in there!

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  • I was the human paci... until we bought the 0+ months Mams paci. They are cheap. Worth a shot. You may have other MAMS but look for the 0+ months ones.

    Good luck- try the vacuum too

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    When DS goes through a growth spurt I become a human pacifier. We're in the midst of one now, and I have a hickey from all his comfort sucking last night.

    We use the Gumdrop pacifier with a cuddle square. It's a really soft square that attaches to the paci that he can cuddle with. He loves it, and the paci actually stays in his mouth.  Here's the link for it...

    And don't worry, it will get better!

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