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Isabel Nicole is here! Pretty cool!

Isabel Nicole is finally here. She arrived at 38 weeks. Ijust so happen to have a routine check up with the Maternal Fetal Specialist onMonday, March 8th. So I go in and they take my vitals and my blood pressurewas extremely high. They continued with the ultra sound and checked out baby.When the doctor came in he said the baby looked great, but wanted to know how Iwas feeling. I told him that I was extremely exhausted, had a headache for thelast 2 days that wouldn?t go away, and the pitting edema in my legs, ankles,and feet had gotten so bad it hurt now. He decided that he thought I should beput in the hospital and induced but since he was not my primary physician hecouldn?t make that decision. He did go and call my primary OB/GYN and she saidfor me to come over right away. I went to her office and just from one place tothe other my pressure continued to go up. She, of course, decided it was toorisky to not send me to the hospital and induce so that?s what we did and I wasalready 3cm dilated as well. My friend Shonia came and got me and took me tothe hospital. We arrived around 530p and I went through the routine stuff andthey ordered my pitocin from the pharmacy. They started my IV and we waitedtill the pitocin and the Dr. showed up. Pitocin was administered around 630pand my Dr. arrived around 715pm to break my water. I was excited and nervousall at the same time. I didn?t know what to think. I mean, obviously Ive knownfor the last 9 months I was going to be a mommy, but I don?t think the factthat she was really coming out was real for me until that moment.

I had decided I wanted to have a natural child birth and mydoctor was cool with that but still put an epidural request on file for me in caseI changed my mind.  So before my doctorgot there the contractions didn?t hurt and in fact I was wondering if I washaving them because I couldn?t feel anything even while they were upping thedosage of pitocin even 20 minutes. However, once she broke my water it was on! I was feeling them all, butto my surprise it was quite easy to deal with them. 

My birthing partner James finally showed up after beingstuck at work and not able to leave and I was still good with dealing with thecontractions. My friend Shonia left and things were in gear. The pitocinstarted making me feel nauseous and I started dry heaving at first.  That?s when things started becomingunbearable. I just could not deal with feeling nauseous on top of thecontractions so I broke down and asked for the epidural. Well they said ok, butthey had to do make sure I got more fluids before giving it to me. I was like,OMG I don?t know if I can deal with both feelings for very long. By this timethe doctor checked me and I was about 6cm dilated. I ended up waiting aboutanother hour before the anesthesiologist showed up to give me theepidural.  The time was around 1130pm. Bythe time they got it in, my doctor checked me and I was already 10cm dilated.She chuckled and said its time to push Angela! I was like, I just got theepidural and it hasn?t even kicked in yet. She said it didn?t matter it wastime to push. The time was around midnight. So I slid on down the delivery bed and started pushing through thecontractions. I kept thinking the epidural would kick in but it never did. Ikept feeling all the contractions and kept pushing through them. It was so hardfor me to push because by the time I started I was extremely exhausted. I didn?tknow if I could go any further. My doctor was like, you have to pull out thestrength somehow because we have to get her over your pelvic bone and she can?tjust sit there like that. She told me that once I got her over the pelvic boneId basically be finished and one or two more pushes would get her out. That?sexactly what happened! Once I got her over the pelvic bone I gave every ounceof strength I had left in myself for two more pushes and my sweet angel washere.  I did tear a little bit but thedoctor said it wasn?t that bad. She stitched me up while they cleaned offlittle Miss Isabel Nicole and made sure I was ok.  James went to Isabel?s side and made surethey took great care of her and he took tons of pictures for me.  She was 7lbs. 6.5oz. And measured 19 ? inches.Needless to say the epidural never ever kicked in at all and I never became numb!  I felt every single thing from beginning toend, including her sewing my tear! My doctor said I could officially say Iaccomplished natural child birth and she was very proud of me! I even cut theumbilical cord myself!

All in all it was a great and beautiful experience!  Only 6 hours of labor and pushing for lessthan an hour!!! I?m so happy things happened like they did, including theepidural not working.  The one smalldowner was my blood pressure, but they eventually got it under control. Isabelgot to stay in the room with me the entire time and was perfect. She didn?t haveany issues and has slept through the night since day one. She loves breastfeeding and it came so naturally for both of us.  We got the ok to go home on March 11thand it was good to get home, but I am definitely going to miss the staff atEmory Johns Creek hospital in Georgia. They were awesome! So caring and eachand everyone put that personal touch on things to make me feel like I was not aburden and they were excited we were there. You don?t get bedside care likethat too often these days. So now my journey as a mom begins and I can?t waitto experience every moment.


*GONNA TRY TO ADD PICS BUT NOT TOO SURE THEY WILL SHOW UP*  :///C:/Users/Angela/Desktop/Angela/Baby%20Flowers/Birth%20photos%20and%20video/2010-03-09%20izzy%20sleeping.jpg




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