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What is your least favorite toddler "chore"

Mine is brushing DS teeth.  Not sure why I hate it so bad, but it is my least favorite child "chore" to do.  What makes it worse is when I have DH brush DS teeth, I cringe because he doesn't do as thorough job as I do...which thus makes me the main teeth brusher! 

What is your least favorite child "chore"?

Re: What is your least favorite toddler "chore"

  • you hit the nail on the head with me.  this is the worst with us and my dh is the same.......he sucks at brushing Carson's teeth so it is up to me to do it right.........i hate it!
  • Changing his diaper. We use cloth and he still poops 1000x a day. It's such a nuisance.
  • Dumping out the potty bowl when he's pooed in it.

    I'm SO lucky (and I know it) that he's potty trained and that's the worse I can come up with.

    I also hate having to put a diaper on him for nap and bed. He kicks and fights me like crazy. But he still wakes up with a drenched diaper so...

  • Ditto the cloth diapers.  I don't mind changing them, it's the shaking the poo.  I now have to scrub the toilet every night b/c I don't always have the best aim and it's always all over the inside of the bowl and rim.  Now that I have 3 poopers that require shaking, I HATE that.
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  • Definitely changing his diapers.  He's grabbing everything within reach and flipping over before I can get his diaper on.  I feel like all I'm doing while changing his diaper is telling him "No!"  It's a stresser. 
  • For the longest time, I would have agreed on the teeth brushing, but he's gotten much better about it in the last month or so and now it's not so bad.  And I'm the main brusher and always have been too. 

    I would say cutting his toe nails.  I dread it.  He majorly freaks out and even though I always have DH there to entertain/distract him, it still is a nightmare of a chore and takes forever because he yanks his feet out of my hand about a hundred times and just squirms the whole time.  He used to be this way about his finger nails too, but stopped fighting me about 6 months ago and now it's no big deal to cut them.

  • image MrsKellyOrBust:
    Changing his diaper. We use cloth and he still poops 1000x a day. It's such a nuisance.

    Ditto!  The poop isn't what's is DS being a wiggle worm and not wanting his diaper changed.  Somedays it is a battle.

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  • Cleaning the little potty when she uses that instead of the big potty.
  • Teeth brushing.  Such a pain.

    I would say that getting him dressed is right up there too, but DH does that most of the time.  So I really don't have to deal with that as much. 

  • Ditto nail cutting.  He wants to do it himself and that ensues a battle of wills.
  • Getting DD into her carseat. She always brings an assortment of lovies for the car (one of which is always missing so we're all scrambling to find it). She is extremely independent, so she wants to go into the garage by herself, climb into the car and carseat by herself, and of course finds 900 things to dawdle over. It's frustrating and time consuming and there's no rushing her.

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  • 1.  hairbrushing.  DD flips out and runs away everytime, tangles or no tangles.  I've tried different brushes, etc.,  she just hates having her hair brushed.

    2. Poopy diapers.  I am Super Smell Sensitive with this pregnancy.  I gag and choke through every poopy diaper change (and some wet diaper changes too)  

  • nail clipping!  Especially with the toenails -- it causes HYSTERIA every time, even with the promise of m & m's afterwards.  
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