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Baby shower locations in Atlanta!?!

Hi all! I'm an out-of-towner looking for a good place to host a baby shower for my best friend who lives in y'all have ANY ideas that won't be outrageous $$$?

Please help!

Thanks -

Re: Baby shower locations in Atlanta!?!

  • Sorry but we're going to need more info.  What part of town.  Atlanta is huge.






  • chocolate pink has an event room

    there are also many other restaurants that have private rooms


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  • These are my usual "go to" places for showers:

    Roswell - Fickle Pickle (about $20-$25 bucks per person for their "barn" food unless you had a small enough party to just show up there and try to get your own tables) 

    Alpharetta - Mittie's Cafe 62 N Main St, Alpharetta, GA 30009

    (770) 772-0850

    ITP (inside the perimeter) atlanta - Friends have had it at Gordon Biersch. Theree is also Art & Soul a pottery painting, mosaic, glass, tie dye artsy place where everyone has to buy their painting piece, but you can bring in all your own food and decore for no charge (we just did one here and EVERYONE commented about how "cool" it was for a shower) 

    Sips n Strokes - canvas painting place 2 locations dunwoody and marietta

    Just for giggles - another canvas painting place in crabapple/milton/alpharetta area Roswell/Crabapple area

    Like the PPer said, we need more specific locations to really help, but this is what I would give if you said north of atlanta.  good luck!

  • I am doing mine at Java Vino I am using there lounge its 250, but if you buy 250 in food then the 250 for the room is waived, it can sit up to 30 people, for standing and sitting 50 people, they are in the highland area, they also let you rent the wine cellar it smaller than the lounge they charge per hour

     I was going to used chocolate pink but money wise you have to rent the room and then use an outside caterer

    Also check out La Madelines locations if you spend 150 in food then room fee is waived also, they have different locations around town.

     In Roswell there is also party chic by Kelly Kakes they have a small event room above the Kelly Kakes Bakery its 125.00 but they also do packages they will make invites for you also they hold 20 people.

    Also in Roswell mentioned above, Fickle Pickle they also own a resturant called Relish with a bigger menu, cheapest is 14.95 per person.

    It is easier if we know area you are thinking and what is ur budget cost

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