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Anyone close to Lake City?

We may be moving there soon, within the next few months. We are in Indiana now.

From what I have seen online, it looks beautiful, but I can't seem to find very many nice rental houses... any advice on where to look before we actually make a trip?

Any other info about the area that I should know? I plan to start a small in-home licensed daycare... 



Re: Anyone close to Lake City?

  • I think its an hour and a half or so from Jax, I'm not really familiar with the area :(
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  • I actually grew up in Lake City and still have family there.  What do you want to know?

    There's not a lot rental wise in the area.  Closest large town is Gainesville, about 45 minutes south. The University of Florida is there, so lots of cultural opportunities and more shopping options.  In LC Wal-Mart is king though there is a very tiny mall with a JCPenny.  It's grown considerably in the last decade or so, but it's still mostly a rural community.

    When looking for housing you're probably going to want to stay on the south side of town, or out west towards 75.  Avoid the 5-Points area and the section directly north of the little downtown. Behind the movie theatre there is a relatively new rental community that you'll probably hear about, but be cautious.  It's actually half government housing and half public rentals.

     If you have more questions and I can help please email me directly at




  • I know I'm a little late....but I currently live in Gainesville & we are in the process of buying a house in High Springs (20 mins. from Gainesville) which is probably about 20-25 mins. from Lake City. It's a nice little town and they have every good schools. You could probably find some nice houses for rent or to purchase in that area...It wouldn't be too far away from Lake City and also a little closer to Gainesville for shopping, etc.
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