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I'm 36 wks today!! I'm officially on leave tomorrow and should be excited. I was just wondering (from your own opinion not from what you've read) how long should you stay home after baby is born before deciding to return to work? I've decided that after a month and a half I'd try to go back as long as I'm well enough to do so. I'd figure that would be enough time to work the baby into atleast a semi decent schedule that his daddy wouldn't feel to worried/anxious about being home alone with him.

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  • I'm staying home after baby is born and I don't know when I'll return to work. It's really what works for your family and you won't know that until you're there.
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  • I went out 4 weeks early with my DS because of medical reasons and I hated it I was so miserable so this time I am working until she arrives hopefully less than 9 days. I stayed home for 10 weeks but wish I stayed at least 2-4 more weeks. This time I am taking 4 months. It is just such an important bonding time. But I am able to do that both financially and work wise so thats what I will do. Everyone is in a different situation.
  • I think the timing of leave is all a matter of opinion and what your work allows you to take.  If you work at a desk job, I think 6 weeks should be enough time but really how do I know.  I plan to only take about 2 weeks but I own my own business.  I might end up taking more time, if I need it or I have a c-section. 
  • I was told to go on bedrest (hopefully come monday I can go back and do some super light work because I dont feel I need the bed rest..diff story!) I wont be getting paid for my leave so I only planned to take 6weeks and go back..My mother said shes known some girls to go back to work 2 weeks after.. I'd love to take a little longer and might if I feel I need to and if I can go back to work after my next apt..but I do think a month and a half is good timing.. my cousin took 3 months with her DS and she wnted to go back to work by the end of the second..
  • I am on medical leave now until LO gets here, I am then taking 20 weeks off from my delivery date.  We are able to do that and most of that I'll get paid for 100%.  But I think you will do whatever is best for you and your family.
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  • i'm planning on 6 weeks for vaginal delivery and 8 for a c-section.  i'm also switching jobs after this baby comes so that may be longer or shorter depending on how quickly or not i am able to find another job! :)
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  • I'm taking 18 weeks because i wanted to get as much time in with my baby for bonding because i know i will have to go back to work and stay back..... many of my friends balked and went back a week and quit. Another motivation is that I want him to be as old as possible before heading day-care for germ-reasons. Also i must admit there's alot of pressure from my "stay at home mommy" friends and an implication that i'm not as good a mother because i want a career as well as being a mom.
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  • Somehow hubby and I worked it out that we got pregnant at the right time. I am due around the time when I was supposed to on scheduled layoff. I am leaving two weeks early though. So I will be off for 4 months. Hubby plans on taking 8 weeks.
  • I'm off for 6 wks after my EDD. I have a very flexible job, with unpaid leave so my boss is leaving all this up to me. Because I work with DH I might go back and alternate schedules with him for the first month, so LO isn't left with the babysitter as early.
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  • I am hoping to be out for atleast 8 weeks after our little one comes, not sure how long i am planning on working. I hoping to be at work until my due date but I have been really really worn out lately. I work at a daycare and it is exausting!! We will have to see!!
  • I have over 1,000 hours of sick leave.  That means that I have worked there way too long.  I am taking 12 weeks. 
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  • I'm planning on going back at 6 weeks.
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  • I'm taking 3 months completely off and then going back part time.  I'm still nervous about going back after 3 months since LO will most likely not STTN most nights and I will be one tired momma... but we're gonna give it a try!
  • All we can afford is for me to take off 6 weeks. So I will do that. Plus DH should be finished his semester by that time and will be able to stay home with LO for another 2-3 weeks before we go to day care with her.
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