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tried pumping today....

So, only 2 weeks in and I have been EBF. I'm having dinner with some girlfriends Saturday and tried pumping for the 1st time today. Whats the average oz's you girls can get in a sitting and how long are your sittings?

Re: tried pumping today....

  • 2 oz per breast in about 20 minutes.  But, I've been BF'ing and pumping for 2 months...
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  • I pump after DS has eaten. Sit about 20 min, get about 6 oz total. Everyone's different. I didn't get this much milk when pumping for my DD.
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  • At two weeks, I would generally get between 6-10 ounces at a pumping session. I would pump for about 10 minutes.  I want to state however that I had been pumping since the second day in the hospital because DS had a feeding issue.  So my supply had picked way up.

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  • usually about 2 ounces per breast for 15- 20 min. pump - but here's a little trick I learned - if I put DD on one breast and pump on the other I can get 3-4 ounces. My boobs are apparently smarter than I thought and know the difference between machine and baby :)
  • I just started this past Friday.  I tend to get 2 oz per breast, athough in the AM I have gotten as much as 4.  My Doc said that 2.5 to 3 oz is all I need for one feeding.  Right now we are giving her two bottles a day.  I have a birthday party of Sat. and want to get her use to the bottle.  I plan to feed her before we leave at 6 and have at least three bottles for my MIL, although the most she should need is two. I pump after she eats and in place of bottle feedings.  I get more when she has not nursed
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  • The most I get is 2.5 oz in the morning, from both breasts after DS only eats off one.  If I pump in the evening when DH is giving DS a bottle, I got about 3 ounces.

    Trying to get more diligent about pumping so that I can up my supply!

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  • depends on when i last fed.  if i pump right after a feeding i only get an ounce or 2 if i pump after 2-3 hours or even an hour i can get up to 4oz or more per boobie.   i only pump for about 10-12 minutes
  • I get about 5-8 ounces depending on the time of day that I pump.  My supply is much higher in the mornings for some reason...I pump for 15 minutes.
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  • I'm not the norm but I get about 4 oz per breast in 10-15 minutes if DS hasn't eaten. If I pump after he's eaten I will get about 2 oz from that breast and 4 oz from the other. I produce a LOT of milk and DS eats a LOT of milk too...
  • 10-15 oz in total after about 7 minutes. I'm probably not normal though.
  • I get about 2-4 ounces on each breast if I pump each one for about 10-15 minutes. 
  • I'm impressed with some of these answers!  I only pump for about 7min (am super sensitive and can only take it for so long) and get about 3oz out of each boob.  You'll do fine, have a great time at dinner!
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