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confession:EBF who never uses a nursing bra

My nursing bras are so matronly with big, giant cups and like 15 hooks on the back.  Since my body still hasn't gone back anywhere close to the way it looked prebaby, I just couldn't stand looking in the mirror as I got dressed every morning with a big, unflattering nursing bra on top of the extra weight and poochy tummy.

 so I went back to my regular, more flattering bras and just fold the cup down when I nurse - and I think it's almost easier than wearing a nursing bra - no unsnapping required - no annoying cup flopping around while I try to nurse. I just tuck the cup under my boob when I feed DD and flip it back when I'm done.

 I wish someone would have told me this before I bought nursing bras - would have saved me some $$.

Anyone else found nursing bras to be useless?


Re: confession:EBF who never uses a nursing bra

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