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Mom's taking online courses esp for their Masters...

I am thinking about going to school online to get my Masters. I have a B.S. in Math and I currently tutor online but I know with a Masters I can teach college online. Can anyone speak on their experience with the institution they're getting their schooling at?
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Re: Mom's taking online courses esp for their Masters...

  • I wish I could help!  I am going to school online but it's for an Associates in Arts in Paralegal Studies.

    I got my Master?s from Johns Hopkins and took classes both online and in-person.  As for online I liked it because the time I would have spent going to and from class (I live in Baltimore but the majority of classes for my program were in DC) could be spent working on my coursework.  I will say it is more work.  Hopkins did have lectures you could watch or read but you also had to ask a certain number of questions online and answer them plus some classes had group projects, which was a challenge.  There are pros and cons.  One bit of advice is go to a good for school.  For instance when we see degrees from certain online only schools at my place of employment we do not value the degree as much as from a school with a good reputation.   

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  • I'm getting my master's in Teacher Leadership through the University of Illinois, Springfield.  I really have to be honest and say that I HATE doing an on-line program.  I miss the real interaction and the amount of busy work required to show that you're "participating" makes me crazy.  When I get my administrative certificate I am definitely doing "real" classes.
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  • Im not going for my masters but I am going for CNA certification and my bachelors in nursing...i LOVE the online aspect of this because its so flexible, im able to work around my schedule (except on lab /clinical days)...i definately reccommend this for women that have just had a baby or have kids...since i dont work right now its been pretty easy...
  • I am taking online courses towards getting my MA in English through my alma mater, a Texas A&M System school.

    I hate online classes... I do much better in person.. but that wasn't an option this semester so I'm doing my best. Next semester I will go to classes in person.

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  • I am taking my last class for my Master's in Math/Reading for Elementary teachers through Walden University.  I actually don't mind it.  I have a discussion that is due every Wednesday and I have to post responses to others, then I have a paper due every Sunday.  It's a little bit more difficult with the little one, but DH helps out when I have something due.  I've been in the program for almost a year and a half and then I'm done!
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