Babies: 9 - 12 Months

Godmother poem

This is the poem I plan on giving my friend today to ask her to be DS's godmother:

Will you be my godmother,
and wrap me in your prayers,
Ask the Lord to keep me
in His gentle, loving care.
Will you be my godmother,
and take my little hand
and help me walk with Jesus
and follow His commands.
Will you be my godmother,
for although I'm still brand-new,
I know I couldn't have
any better Angels on Earth than you!

So I have a special favor to ask
It might make you nervous and scared
But until I am big and all grown up
Will you watch out for me, just be there?



Baby Royce


What do you think? Do you think she'll like it?

 Should there be question marks after the "Will you be my godmother.....

Please correct any grammer/puntuation mistakes. I need to print this in 30 minutes. TIA


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