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? from 3rd tri - Cloth Diapers

We had a Pre Natal class last night and were given a bunch of information on cloth diapers.  Originally, I was against it because I thought it would be EXPENSIVE and just a big hassle.  But after reading some posts on 3rd tri and our class, we are considering it.

Here's my question for those using cloth diapers, is it possible to switch back and forth?  Like while our baby is at day care (3x/wk), we can use diaposable, but while he/she is with us, use cloth?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: ? from 3rd tri - Cloth Diapers

  • We use both cloth and disposable.... cloth at home during the day and disposable when we go out and at night. ?You can do whatever you want! ?My stash consists of 6 Bum Genius One-Size AIOs, 9 One-Size Pockets, and 8 Small AIOs. ?It is plenty for washing every other day.

  • Yes, you can switch back and forth.  Because our CDs are limited in quantity, we keep a stash of 'sposies in the cars just in case.  

    Look for sales, but try the jilliansdrawers sample pack.  This way you can try a bunch of different kinds of CDs before you make the ultimate investment.   

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  • We do something similar - use sposies when traveling or out of the house for extended periods of time. And seriously, cloth diapering is WAY easier than I ever imagined it would be.

     we love fuzzibunz during the day, bum genuis at night (that velcro closure comes in handy when you're half asleep) - and throw some gdiapers in there for good measure too!



  • We use clothe (BG 3.0) during the day and a disposable over night. Works great and we love the BG's!
  • Yep you can switch back and forth at anytime.  My daycare won't work with cloth so he is in diaposable all day long and cloth at night. 

    I love my BumGenius 3.0 diapers very easy to use and so glad we have them. 


  • We haven't had our baby yet, but have bought Flip cloth diapers from  They are made by Bumgenius.  We chose them after having a cloth diaper demonstration at a baby store, and got to see several different brands/types.  We chose Flip because of the ease, and the ability to use a flushable insert for traveling.  We are choosing cloth because it will save us so much money in the long run!
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