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Clicky Poll: Delivery Room??

So I KNOW DH will obviously be there... and I've decided to have my mom in there (not sure if we'll ask her to leave for the actual pushing or not- since that is something DH and I would like to be just the two of us).... but we can have one other person in the room with us.

We won't be able to have any visitors OTHER than DH and these 2 other people (my mom and one other if I should so choose) until ~2-3 hours after the baby is born and we're moved to our room.  So that's a long wait for a lot of people.....

Among those considered: 

1) Just me, DH and my mom (with her leaving when pushing)

2) me, DH, my mom, and my MIL (with both leaving when pushing)

3) me, DH, my mom, and my BFF (with both leaving when pushing)

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Re: Clicky Poll: Delivery Room??

  • I put just my DH and I... BUT that is just during pushing.  Anyone who wants to visit me in the hospital while I'm laboring is welcome as long as I'm not being checked by the doctor or pushing.  :)
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  • Dh for sure will be there, My mom will as well and my Sister. I was present at all her 3 childrens birth and thought it was amazing that she let me be apart of it. I couldn't imagin her not being there at my childs birth. They all will be present while pushing/delivery!
  • I plan on just having my DH in the delivery room.  I don't have a MIL, but I think if you have your mom in there I am guessing your MIL would be upset because she couldn't be too. 

    If you want to avoid hurt feelings, I would just vote you and DH.  

    If you want to make everyone happy, I would have your mom and MIL in there too...but it is your choice and only my observation.

    Good luck!!

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  • Me, DH, my Mom and our doula
  • If my husband makes it home from Iraq in time, it will be just us.  If he doesn't, it will probably be my mom and MIL.  I'm a big baby and don't want to do it alone!
  • I voted my mom & DH. I would NOT be comfortable with my MIL there.


    I wouldn't mind having my SIL or BFF (who is like a sister), but I don't want both of them, and I don't want to choose between them. They'll come in during early labor before things get crazy and then after he's born.

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  • Me, DH and the doula.  No one else helped us make the baby so no one needs to be there in my opinion.  Also, I don't think 2-3 hours after delivery is too long.  I don't plan to have any hospital visitors til several hours after I deliver and maybe the following day depending on when the baby actually arrives. 
  • I put DH, Mom & Me but only b/c my mom is an OB and will scrub in. I'm assuming that if they let her deliver me, it will be just us. If they don't, then she will act more like a doula.
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  • Me, hubby, my mom, and daughter.  My daughter is pretty adamant that she doesn't want to be there for the pushing, but I'm hoping to change her mind.  I don't really get the whole "just me and DH" thinking.  For pete's sake, the room will be full of medical staff too, so it's not like it's all that personal.  But there again, I have a great relationship with my mom. 
  • My husband will definitely be in the room as I deliver.  My Mom I'd like to be there, she has been in the room for 15 births, but she's a flight attendant and we don't know if she can be  there.

    Everyone else can wait.

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  • My mom is staying during the pushing unless she just really starts to bother me lol. We are allowed 3 visitors the entire time, but we have passes so people can switch out to come back & see me. My husband & both my parents smoke, so I'm sure they will be going across the street every so often anyway.
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  • I will have DH and my mom there the whole time.
  • image AvidVertigo:

    I plan on just having my DH in the delivery room.  I don't have a MIL, but I think if you have your mom in there I am guessing your MIL would be upset because she couldn't be too. 

    Totally disagree.  My mom birthed me and is my MOM, not my MIL.  I LOVE my MIL but she has zero reason to be in the room when I'm pushing/delivering.  My MIL would never expect to be allowed in anyways.

    I didn't respond to the poll because I'm not sure if we're going to have my mom in there with us or not.  She's traveling from far away, so if she makes it in time for the delivery, I think she would really appreciate being allowed in.  No one else though.

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  • We just found out that we can have 5 ppl (including DH) in the room prior to pushing & 3 ppl (including DH) in the room while pushing.  Right now, DH & my mom are the only ones that will be in there.

    I'm thinking I might OK my dad to come in for a bit to hang out & keep mom & DH company but he'll be kicked out before pushing starts!

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  • DH and my mom will be there with me, for labor and delivery.

    Our hospital only allows two support persons. It does end up being two or three hours before everyone else gets to join us, as our hospital gives us an hour alone with the baby in the L&D room before moving us to our recovery room, where we can have visitors. I'm pretty sure visitors can see the baby in the nursery as she gets cleaned, but they won't be able to hold her until she's brought to our room. (I vaguely remember DH taking my in-laws to see DD in the nursery while I was being wheeled to my recovery room, but that part was a bit of a blur. lol.)

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  • I dont have many(any) options on this one. My mom is coming out for an entire month to be with us and will be the only family that is capable of being there before LO comes. As long as she stays at my head (same conditions I have applied to DH) I am fine with her being there even during pushing.
  • DH and one of our best friends, who is a nurse
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  • DH and Sister (who is an ER doc).  I'm not sure I would be comfortable with anyone else there. 
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  • When DD was born, I had DH and my mom with me through L&D. I was induced with pit, but had no other drugs so I needed the support in labor. My mom is an L&D nurse and she was super helpful, especially during pushing when DH started to lose some color in his face ;)

    This time, I hope to have my mom and DH again with me. My mom lives 2.5 hours away though and won't be coming down in advance unless I end up having to be induced again. Hopefully she will make it down in time to help me through the labor again.

  • In a perfect world my son,hubby,my sons babysitter for him only,maybe my mother in law.
  • DH and maybe my mom during the actual pushing.  I saw what a circus it was during my sister's first delivery, and there is no way I'm having that many people in and out of the room.  If I'm there for a few hours without much going on and the hospital allows it, my dad and the in laws can come in to visit for a bit.

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  • I'm planning a home birth, so i'll have DH, the midwife and her assistant, and my daughter will be around the house wherever she wants to be. I also want to include my best friend as support for DH and DD, but DH and i are currently discussing that one.
  • This time it will be just me and DH.  For my daughter, it was DH, my Mom and my Dad, and they were there for the whole thing  It was not planned for my Dad to be there for the pushing part, but things happened rather quickly.  DD was posterior (face up instead of face down) so I wasn't dialating, even though I was having steady contractions..  Once they got her to flip, I was all of a sudden at 10 and had the urge to push and he didn't have time to get out of the room.  He just stayed up by my head, so I was fine with that.  In all honesty, while I was pushing, the entire United Nations could have been in the room with me and I wouldn't have noticed or cared...I just wanted them to get the baby out! 

    The reason it is only me and DH this time is simply because my Mom and Dad will be watching DD...she is not quite 3 yet (will be 3 in June), so while she can visit me during the early stage of labor, she is too little to be in there for very long.  




  • I had a planned homebirth so we had no limitations only what we chose for our birth. So it was my husband, mom, mil, midwife & assistant, sister and 3 sister-in-laws. It was awesome to have them all there and for them to have a special bond right away with us and the baby. What a wonderful experience!!
  • We would like to have our closest friends there for most of the laboring to give me some fun distractions and help me forget about the pain or just be more pleasant during the contractions...:)  Our families don't live close to be there and we're pretty close with our friends who will be our baby's Godparents.  So that's the plan, we'll see how it actually goes on the big day.  :)
  • It will be me, DH, and the two fathers of the baby. (I'm a surrogate.) :)
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