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Notes from my MIL

Sorry I've been MIA - DH is keeping me ridiculously busy at work! 

Wow - she's priceless! She called me last night to see how I was feeling after my fall and gave me these little jems that I thought might make you all laugh your pretty little butts off. I know DH and I had a good hard laugh last night!

1) "Oh it's okay if you fall, you're only 28 weeks! God will figure it out." Uhm...okay? I let her know that depending on how you fall (at any point in pregnancy) that it could cause harm to both Mom and baby - and that at later stages in pregnancy it can bring on contractions, or complications. "oh no, you're fine. You don't need to worry about things like that untl at least 37 weeks".

2) "I don't know why you're worried about Postpartum Depression. That's not even a real thing." Enter Indifferent face here. I let her know  that 80% of women actually get the "baby blues" and 15-20% get PPD - which I'm at higher risk for because of my family history with depression and mental illess. "It's not a real thing Shan, you just need to surround yourself with positive people and be happy that you have a baby. I remember Lulu and I would get together every week and I called her once because I wanted to drown B in the kiddie pool. She came over and we cooked hotdogs instead. That's all you need!" Again...Indifferent

3) "I bet within two weeks of Bug being born, you're back at the bar." Uhm..probably not. I may go for a drink with my gf's or dinner or something, but I won't be boozing it up. "But it's the best! Make sure you express your milk after drinking because....wooo! B would sleep so well after giving him some of that milk! It was great! And I would freeze it and make sure that was the milk available whenever we needed a sitter!" I'm sorry...what?!

Seriously - she's a fruitcake! I wonder if BIL knows he was almost drowned, and drunk, when he was a baby!!

Gosh it makes me nervous for her to babysit!

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