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Spotting or period-like bleeding before your BFP?

Hello -- my husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last three months.  I know that I ovulated because I had an ultrasound to check on some abnormal bleeding (ultrasound didn't show any issues) and the technician told me that there was a follicle in my left ovary and that I would be ovulating in about two days.  My husband and I planned our BD's accordingly.  Since about 8-9dpo, I have been having cramping (but different than right before I get AF) and also some very minor brown spotting.  I am now at 14 dpo, so the spotting has lasted five days.  AF is not due for another two days.  In addition to the cramping, I have been feeling extremely sick to my stomach since about 10 dpo as well as just feeling very run down.  I've been getting wierd pains in my breasts and my nipples are more sensitive than usual.  I generally have NO breast pain at all before AF, nor do I feel sick to my stomach... all of this is very wierd to me. 

I took my first HPT (First Response Early Result) around 10 dpo and have had BFNs since then.  I took a Clear Blue Easy early result test last night and also got a BFN.  Did any of you have similar experiences and still get a BFP after your missed period?  While I am having brown spotting and I know it's possible that AF is on the way, all of these other symptoms make me wonder if I'm just having heavy implantation bleeding and my HCG levels just aren't high enough yet to get a BFP.  Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially if you had a similar experience and ended up being pregnant.

 Many thanks and congratulations to all who are expecting!


Re: Spotting or period-like bleeding before your BFP?

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