2nd Trimester

Is it normal...

to have horrible thoughts that there is something wrong?  I'm kind of showing, but I can't feel the baby yet and I just have a horrible feeling that I'm going to go to the doctor on the 22nd and not hear a heartbeat.  


Is it normal to feel this way?  Or am I just over sensitive?



Tara, SoCal 

Re: Is it normal...

  • I think it is perfectly normal to have the thoughts. I always start to get nervous if I don't feel LO for a few days and around 2-3 weeks after my last appointment. Then I go to the doc and hear the heart and I get so relieved.

    Just try not to let it take over. At this point, chances are that everything is going well. But it is definitely hard to keep that in mind all the time.

  • I have that feeling sometimes too. I used to a lot in the beginning, but not as much anymore.
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  • Dont worry, sometimes you don't feel the baby until later, How far along are you?
  • I think its safe to safe to say that everyone has those thoughts and you just have to find a way to overcome them.  How far along are you? People feel the LO's move at different times, some feel it and think its gas... dont stress yourself out tho, the last think you need to do Smile
  • I think it's normal.  (At least I hope so, because I feel the same anxiety each and every day)

    I feel the baby move almost constantly, and for me it almost makes me worry more than when I couldn't feel it (makes no sense, I know).  When it stops moving, I'm scared that there's something wrong.  On the few times that I've gone a full day without feeling anything I nearly have a heart attack because I'm used to feeling it frequently. 

    Hang in there.. so far I've found that pregnancy is a constant cycle of up and downs between excitement and worries, and from what I've seen and suspect, motherhood will be the same or worse in regards to worries, so at least we're getting prepared for a life of anxiety!! 

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  • I was defininetly like that before LO started kicking regularly! I was so scared to only hear from him once a month at the doctor, and I tend to be an over paranoid person...

    If you are still not feeling comfortable, you may want to look into renting a baby doppler, it's the thing the doctor uses to hear their heartbeat, and plenty of online stores will rent one to you for a couple of months, for not a ton of money... My husband found us one, and now whenever I'm feeling freaked out, I just listen to my baby's heart beat and movements, and it really calms me down....

    If you just google baby doppler, you should be able to find tons of options.

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  • I have those kinds of stupid thoughts alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time :0(

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  • I have these thoughts all the time, I posted about it yesterday. They are definitely a lot less these days since I can feel him move, but I still have those days when I'm overcome with worry, for no reason whatsoever.
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  • Thank you all so much!!  I'm around 16 weeks...I'm just going to write it all off to hormones!! :)
  • i've been panicked many times during this pregnancy...i think it is very normal....just try to keep it in perspective!  HUGS!
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