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39 weekers how are you feeling?

Hi Ladies, how are you feeling? I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable & sore in my hips, back & lady bits. Every day I wake up wondering if today will be the day! GL to everyone!

Re: 39 weekers how are you feeling?

  • I'll be 39 weeks on Friday, can I answer too?  I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable and have a constant "I pulled a groin muscle" feeling.  Lots of pelvic pressure and constant trips to the bathroom.  I, too, keep wondering if today is the day, but it never seems to be.  Had a couple of hours of contactions this morning 8-10 minutes apart, but they went away again.
  • Physically, I feel fine.

    Emotionally, I'm SO ready for this baby to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, a little impatient. 

  • Getting so anxious for her to be here. Physically feeling ok except she is so big now she practically beats me up from inside!
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  • image MelBolt:

    Physically, I feel fine.

    Emotionally, I'm SO ready for this baby to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, a little impatient. 

    This! Physically for me I'm mostly fine, just can't sleep well. I'm mentally ready to go through labor.. i never thought i'd get to this point!

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  • I am SO done with being Preg. My body kills, I am not sleeping well, and I have a 2.5 yr old to run around after all day long. I too wake up every day and wonder if today is the day and over think every little feeling I have. This waiting is killing me. I really hope that she comes early and doesn't have to be induced, I think I should get that since I had to be induced with ds at 41.5 weeks. Come on baby girl, be nice to mommy and come out NOW!

  • I'm 39 tomorrow - and I'm going insane.  The muscles of my belly hurt so bad.  I'm ready for this baby to just join us already.  LO keeps socking me in the ribs and head butting my cervix and it kills.

     Come out, come out, wherever you are....

    Plus I don't want to go past 40 and have the chance of induction skyrocket.  Because if the induction doesn't work than we're off for a c/s.  And I REALLY don't want that.

     Can you tell I'm a pessimist.

     Good luck ladies and I wish you all speedy labor/deliveries.

  • 39 weeks tomorrow - but I feel like complete and utter crap most days :) Much more painful/uncomfortable than my first pregnancy - everything just feels heavy and loose! Definitely ready and hoping baby shows up at least a few days early, I'm having major guilty-mom feelings for not being able to do much of anything for my toddler right now because I'm so sore. Tick tock little baby... I get a little bummed out around 8pm each night thinking 'well crap, he's not coming today is he?' (no reason, DD started labor w/ me at 6pm, so for some reason I think after that time I won't go into labor. It makes no logical sense what so ever...)
  • I'm having some serious pubic bone pain. Doc says it's normal, just my bones seperating (ouch). There's not much to do but waddle, haha. I'm feeling mixed emotions about my upcoming due date. Part of me wants to have this baby now, but the other part says I really should enjoy any "alone" time I have left. :)

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  • I'm done.. stick a fork in me!

    Sleeping went from not to bad to excruciating, i wake up ever 1.5/2 hrs with hip pain, b/h, and needing to pee. LO is moving slightly less but when he does its really painful. Not to mention the anxiety of my Dr talking induction friday if my cervix looks prime for it, and i was hoping to go natural!!!  

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  • I am pretty miserable.  My husband and I have been walking everyday for weeks.  Not too much progress is being made.  I keep hoping every 2 seconds that my water will break!   I'm just physically and emotionally drained.   My older kids are driving me crazy, and I'm exhausted and irritable all the time.   However, very grateful that I am able to carry a healthy baby to term! 
  • My body hurts more with each passing day.  Mentally I'm ready to have her so I wish I would go into labor so we can get this show started!
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  • 39 weeks today.  Feeling pretty good actually.  Trying to keep busy and active and start this LO on his/her way out.  Nothing working so far. 1 1/2 cent dilated, but nothing else.

    I just get tired more easily and want to see this little face more than feeling bad.

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