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How much is daycare in your area?

I haven't called any of the local ones yet but was asking friends yesterday. Apparently for one child (under 2), it's about $900-1000. I am not sure what the breakdown is- like when it changes from infant to toddler pricing, etc. That sounds like a lot, no?

Re: How much is daycare in your area?

  • I assume that is for a month? It sounds about right, unfortunately. I cringe every time I think about how much we are about to pay- $280 a week. Make sure you take advantage of your jobs flexible spending plan if they have one.

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  • It's around $2000-2400/month for full-time infant care in a center around here.  In-home daycare is a little less expensive.
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  • Usually, around here, a daycare center for kids up to 2 is at least $1200.  I think my co-worker pays $1500 a month for his 11 month old for a center around the corner.  In-home daycares are a lot cheaper.  I've seen some advertised for like, $500 a month. 
  • It's ~2,000 - 2,200 in Boston!

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  • I was a daycare teacher years ago in my early 20's, and it does change on the age because the teacher:child ratios change.  Infants being the most expensive because of the lower ratio.

    Here (Tampa/St. Pete, FL area) the daycare centers we inquired were about $220-$280/week for infants.  We send LO to a home based daycare and pay $175/week.  We feel much better about the home setting - she's (Miss Bev) fully licensed and gets inspected on a regular basis, has been doing this for 20 years, and Laney is one of 3 kids.  Plus she gets the stimulation of being around older kids (1 and a half and 2) instead of being just one of several infants sitting in their crib or walker, etc. Plus, more personal attention.


  • We're paying like $280 a week (45 hours) and that's because we're paying with cash which gets us a 20% discount!
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  • I am having my sister's sister in law watch her and I am paying 60.00 a day! If I sent her to private daycare it would be over 1500.00 a month. My mom watches Callie on Fridays
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    Want to feel better?  It's $315/wk for DS.  It drops by $40 a week when he goes into the toddler room at around 13 mos.  That's the biggest drop though.  It only changes by at most $10 from there on out.

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  • Around here- South Jersey- its around the same.... $900-$1000 per month for an infant.  In-home daycare is usually less $$.
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  • $1320/month here in the Phila. suburbs.  The price drops significantly at 18 months.
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  • In the suburbs of NYC it's $1400 a month :(
  • we pay $70 per day for in-home daycare and we pay for every week of the year (so $18k/year). Centers near work/house are $1900+.

    Our in-home does not go down once she gets older but the rate won't change for 2 years either.

    Yep, paying more for daycare than I paid to go to an out-of-state college :-)

  • wow! i feel so lucky. here in central PA, i'm paying $166/week for a non-profit school/daycare in my neighborhood.
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  • I am paying about $1300 a month here in Westchester county (north of NYC). 

    As everyone has said in home daycare can be less expensive. However, what I found was that even though they are less expensive on a monthly/weekly basis you end up paying paying more at the end of the year because your paying the in home providers when they aren't working. Such as holidays, vacations, etc.

    Case in point, when we were down to the final two choices, one was in-home and one was a privately owned center. On a weekly/monthly basis the in home was cheaper. But we had to pay for every holiday they were closed and 3 weeks of vacation for them (this was every in home daycare). Now the centers, because they operate more like a school (at least mine does) you do not have to pay anytime the school is closed i.e. holidays or vacation. Plus they only close for two week vacation (one between X-mas/New year) and then one week right before Labor Day).

    As with all daycares you still have to pay what your contracted for even if LO is sick but I got lucky as my daycare splits the differance with me.

    Hope this helps!

  • We pay our nanny $15/h and guarantee 30h/wk = minimum of $1800/month. We have been on the waiting list for daycare through DH's work since I was 2 months pregnant and are still a couple years away from getting in. Nevertheless, the prices are as follows: LINK

    The 2 days/wk have to be T and R, the three days have to be MWF. And they're only open until 6:00 - I don't start patient rounds until 6:30. You see our dilema. So if  we went with daycare it would $500 less per month but no housecleaning and we'd have to schlep DD to and fro AND we'd have to bust out to go get her "on time". Makes the nanny look like a good deal for us...still, this gives you an idea about prices in these parts.


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  • Here in NoVA, $279 per week for full time, up to 12 hours per day M-F.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • I pay $34/day for my 2 year old.

    I pay $38/day for my 1 year old

    I used to pay $42/day when my LO was under 1 year old

    promised myself I'd retire when I turned gold, and yet here I am
  • Here in Louisville, KY we're paying $160/wk at a non-profit center run through the local Methodist Church.  The price drops to $145 when she "graduates" to the next level at around 13 months.
  • Western MA.  For a center type that is discounted because it is located at a college where my DH is an alumni, it's 880 for 5 days a week (for the month).  Less if you do less days, obviously.  Price goes down by about 100+ when he reaches pre-school age. 
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  • $1500-2200 for fulltime right across the water from NYC in NJ.
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  • The Montessori daycare we were going to go to before we got the nanny was $1700 a month. That was about the most expensive we found in the area.  They do require that we pay for their days off and holidays. Our nanny is slightly more expensive because we provide benefits and more pay but she is more convenient for us.
  • Wow , most of you pay a lot....In sacramento, I pay $1000/mo. for 2 kids in an in home daycare.  Now if they were in a center, it would probably be about $2000 for 2 kids.
  • I am an Infant Teacher in a CT daycare, they charge $359 a week for infants, Todds and Twos, and then once they are out of the diapering rooms the price finally goes down by a significant amount, $100 I think, and then after 4 it goes down again!


    It all depends on where you live though, this is a national chain I'm talking about and literally 30 minutes away the prices are completely different because it's not considered to be a "ritzy" neighborhood !

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  • OH MY GOSH!!!!   That's all I can say on these prices!

    I guess I am lucky to live in little ol' South Carolina!

    I will be paying $95/week for full time care for my little one when I go back to work!!!

  • Full-time for an infant in my city at a daycare center ranges from $1200-$1500/month.
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  • Audrey- What chain do you work for? Both my friend and I are due this spring, and are looking into various daycare options... we live in Middletown.
  • In Seattle, it's between $1200 and $1500 a month! From what I'm reading, that's pretty average. But, I'm hoping we won't have to use it (which is the plan right now)...otherwise, it will take up 75% of my monthly income! For me, making 25% of my income is not worth it to be away from baby all day 5 days a week.  We'll just live leaner :)
  • We pay about $500/month. That's pretty average here.
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