2nd Trimester

Are headaches a normal part of 2nd tri?

I've had one off and on for the past 3 days.  I think Tylenol is a sugar pill.  It doesn't do anything for me.  I guess I might be dehydrated but I think I drink a lot of water or liquids everyday.  Maybe I'm going to the bathroom more than I am drinking.  I don't know but I'm over these headaches.  I thought this was the honeymoon stage of pregnancy.

Re: Are headaches a normal part of 2nd tri?

  • Have a cup of coffee or soda.  Often times, a little caffeine goes a long way with a headache. 

    I get them all the time.  I don't even need to finish the cup to start feeling better.

    ETA: I do suffer from migraines normally.  I've only had one during pregnancy so far.  I tried Tylenol - it didn't help much.  Caffeine seems to be the best solution for me.  And that's what many migraine meds are.  

  • I had them for awhile at the beginning of the 2nd trimester, though I've gotten one the past 2 days they have sort of alleviated. BUT I agree with you...tylenol does nothing for me either :0( I want my ib profeun back :0( lol. Headaches in general are common in pregnancy with changing hormones and such. It could be dehydration....just keep drinking. And I know some women develop migraines throughout pregnancy...sooooo...hope you feel better!

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  • I was wondering the same thing I hardly ever got the pre-pg, or even that much in first tri.  I have had one the past 2 days.  I took a tylenol and i swear 3 hours later my head was STILL pounding. Sad


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  • I think headaches are a symptom of pregnancy period. I've gotten them in 1st and 2nd tri off and on.
  • Mine started right as the nausea was leaving; I've read elsewhere on here they're really common until 20wks. Sometimes caffeine helps, sometimes it doesn't.
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  • I get them every once in a while now but when I was around 13 or 14 weeks, I had a HUGE headache that lasted for about 3 days and just would not go away! Plus, to make things worse, it was form the 23rd-26th of December! So during Christmas time! But after it went away, I just get them once in a while so hopefully after this passes, it wont be too often.
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  • I agree with PP, try a little caffeine. After Tylenol wears off, my headaches come back. But with a little coffee in the morning I am headache free all day.

  • Thanks,

    I had a Mt. Dew this morning but that didn't seem to work.  I'm drinking water now.  I go for a massage tonight so hopefully that will get rid of it.

  • I have this problem too. I never had them in the first tri, but am finding I am getting them frequently the last week. Tylenol also does nothing for me, may as well be candy. I have alsobeen cutting out caffiene though because I've been getting heart palpitations, but I'm not sure which is worse! I'm just about to have half a cup of coffee right nwo to see if it helps. GL :)
  • Unfortunately yes.  I've had mine since about 6 weeks.  Its been frustrating.  I've gotten prescription pills from my doctor that are safe, went to a neurologist and even went to a physical therapist to figure things out.  It does look like I have some back issues that could be causing them.  I never got them pre-pg so I do think the extra hormones has something to do with it.  Luckily at 26 weeks they have gone from being 3-4 times a week to maybe 1-2.

    Things my doctor told me - as soon as you get one - chug water.  A lot of times its dehydration.  Also try a bit of caffeine.  And I've heard protein in the morning helps as well. 

    A good massage can always help too.  I know I got one a few weeks ago and while it didn't clear up the headaches - it was heaven!  :)


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  • I had these for the first few weeks. Caffeine seems to help more than tylenol for me too.
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