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gift dilemna - wwyd??

DD2 just turned 1! Her godparents are one of my best friends and one of DH's best friends. At this point they have both started the Precious Moments birthday train for her and I am not sure how to handle it. On the plus side, she had two very caring godparents! It's a good problem to have :) I just don't want to offend anyone.

At Christmas, her godmother asked me if anyone had started it (I said no) and she was excited to start it for her and have a go-to birthday gift every year for the next 16 years. So she got the starter kit (a clown, a picture frame train, and the "baby" train) for Christmas. She gave the "1" train for her birthday.

DD's godfather didn't know this and got the clown, the picture frame train, and the "1" train for DD's birthday. When godmother saw this (we happened to open his gift first at the party), she quickly and quietly told me not to open the train part of her gift in front of him because she didn't want him to feel bad.

So, now we have two of them. Godmother just said as she left the party that she'll let us figure something out - maybe they can alternate years or something. Godfather has no idea that there has been any duplication. I asked DH what he thought we should do and he said that godfather has already bought the whole set in anticipation for future years. But I know how excited godmother was about the idea. How do I handle this tactfully without hurting anyone's feelings???

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Re: gift dilemna - wwyd??

  • That is a tough one, perhaps compromise is the way to go--since the godmother asked you ahead of time and the godfather didn't, I think suggesting that they alternate years would be reasonable.  While I would feel bad that the godfather bought the whole set, I also think that he really should have checked before doing that instead of assuming he would be the only one to think of that kind of present.


  • I think I would just accept both of them and then return one of them myself/resell it. That way both still get the pleasure of giving their godchild the set without having to have a conversation with one of them about having to change their gift idea. Or I would talk to the god mother and suggest another similar gift set. How about the precious moments growing in grace set rather then the train set? It would probably be easier to talk to her instead of the god father only because 1) She was the one that wanted to keep it a secret in the first place, you should of just opened her's as well and then laughed about it so that they could compromise rather then you getting involved and 2) He already has the whole set. It seems kind of rude to make someone compromise a gift they are giving or tell them they need to switch and choose something else when they've already bought it.It's like when you had your baby shower and two different people bought you a baby bouncer [or whatever item you may have gotten two of]. Rather then tell one of those people to return the gift, I hope you thanked both of them and then returned one of them on your own. 
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