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teething at 2 months?

DS is 10 weeks old, and it seems like he's teething. Quiet, high pitched squeals; chomping, not sucking, his pacifier; and just seeming in pain and totally not comfortable. Yesterday he slept for 11am to 2pm, but didn't sleep again until 8pm, when we finally gave him tylenol, and he only woke up once at 11:30pm, then not again until 7am (it was heaven for me!). His aunt watched him for us two days ago and she said he was fussy the whole time (not normal for him at all) and she thought he was teething, which is where I got the idea.

Re: teething at 2 months?

  • We wondered this too. DD has been sucking on her hands sooooooo much lately. Like it pisses her off when she can't suck hard enough. and she literally chews on her binkis.

    I asked my dad, who is a dentist, and he said babies can teeth for a few months before they actually cut a tooth. and a baby can get a tooth as early as 4 months. at least from what he has seen.

    He said the fussiness and wanting stuff in her mouth may not be teething, that its sort of rare for them to start THAT early. but its possible.

    May just be a growth spurt? realizing they can get stuff in their mouth and frustrates them that they can't do it sometimes??

  • Well I just felt his gum line, and on the top to the right he's got a sharp edge, though though it hasn't broken the surface yet. So there's definitely a tooth there. Poor guy :-(
  • My DS started teething that early. The pedi told us probably not because it was so early. Well, he cut his first two teeth 3 weeks ago at just 15 weeks old. 
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  • DD has been teething for two weeks now and she has a canine coming through on her bottom. Totally weird because normally babies get front teeth. Poor thing is drooling all over and so fussy! :(


  • Welcome to my world!!!  DD started almost 2 weeks ago...  spit bubbles, tons of drool, gnawing her hands like an animal...  definitely teething.


    Found out her cousin (DH's Brother's boy) cut his first tooth at 3 months...  it runs in the family!  (great)



  • My daughter has been the same way! She is a drooling machine to the point where I think I'm going to put a bib on her. She loves putting her entire fist in her mouth and is like that for hours and "talks" to us. She has certain times in the day she's really fussy, but I'm assuming that's teething. When we went to her 2 MO check up the ped said she is teething. She said the most painful parts is before the teeth poke thru the gums then once they poke thru no pain.
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