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Bradley Method...

Hey ladies! Just curious if any on you have taken Bradley classes and your feelings on them. TIA!!

Re: Bradley Method...

  • Bradley classes are amazing if you are really focused on natural childbirth. I found the class very helpful, but some of the teachers can be extreme. I believe everything is Ok in moderation, as I did NOT follow the diet to the T like you are supposed to do. It was very helpful to me during childbirth, although I did end up with an emergency c-section after 6 hours of pushing and labor of 23 hours (all drug free!).  Good Luck on your journey!
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  • I loved the class. While taking it I enjoyed having the support of other pregnant women. It also really helped during my 25 and a half hour labor which included 11 hours stuck in transition at 9cm. I think the class helped DH more than me, though. He understood the stages of labor better and said he was really glad we took the class. I would reccomend the class to anybody interested in a natural birth.
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  • Definitely worth it for both of us.  I had the birth I wanted and my husband was prepared.  Highly recommend it.
  • It worked for us! My DH and I both felt like we were educated about the different phases of normal childbirth, which helped reduce our fear during the process. The realization that the contractions/pain was normal helped me relax, which in turn helped reduce the pain. We had a great Bradley experience!
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