3rd Trimester

My least fav part of being pregnant

Is having to spend money on maternity clothes!   I've got 2 months left and most of the mat. clothes I have are starting to not fit so well and I had nothing to wear today so ended up having to wear a casual top to work which isn't allowed, but I had no choice due to me not doing laundry.   I have about 1 weeks worth of clothes to wear and I hate wearing the same thing every week.  I have yet to buy work pants, I've been using the bella band, but its getting to be very uncomfortable so I'm going to have to cave and get some work pants which also sucks since I won't be coming back to work after he's born.  

I am someone who normally hates spending money on clothes, but at least before being pg, the clothes I spent money on would last me a couple years as long as I didn't gain/lose too much weight, and I know that I'll be able to use most of my mat clothes for my next pg since we dont' plan on waiting too long...but still.

Vent over.

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Re: My least fav part of being pregnant

  • I have to agree with this.  I really would rather spend the money on things I need for the baby than things I need for me.

    But holy WOW ditch the Bella Band and get some mat pants.  You'll be glad you did!

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  • Yea, I finally got full panel jeans, and LOVE them.  I had the old navy ones before that rest below your belly and I feel like I'm suffocating in them, so I know I will be so much more comfortable in full panel work pants.  But yea, I'd much rather spend it on the baby or put it in savings to buy clothes later on after I lose the baby weight (and then some hopefully).
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  • I hear ya.  I've been scoping out the maternity consignment shops just because I can't justify spending so much on maternity clothes.  I've also been breaking the dress code a bit at work - wearing jeans when I should wear dress pants - but I say screw it.  I'm pregnant.  And the jeans look better than the crappy fabric, unlined, maternity "dress" pants that all bunch up in weird places.  I can't wait until I can wear *nice* dress pants again.
  • I work in jeans. I can only fit into one last pair...barely. If I outgrow them before my leave starts, then I guess my leave will just come early.
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  • I have kind of an opposite clothes rant.  I hate that I am having to "opt out" of a lot of fashionable clothes right now.  I am a clothes horse, normally, and I see so much cute stuff when I'm out shopping that I want but, of course, it doesn't fit me right now!  I can't wait to get back to my pre-pregnancy size so I can wear what I want! 

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  • Yeah I was shocked at how much the clothes cost! I hate spending money on clothes. I am a huge fan of the elastic waste pants because I love having clothes that I can grow and shrink in. I was getting really frustrated with my maternity clothes, but then one of my supervisors told me that it is okay if I wear nice yoga pants as long as I still wear nice dress shirts. That took a lot of pressure off of me and I feel so much more comfortable. I just really wish they would have let me know it was okay sooner!
  • Most of my maternity clothes don't fit anymore either!  They are starting to look like belly shirts!  But with 5 weeks left, I refuse to buy anything else so my wardrobe is becoming very limited.  It's funny how excited I was in the beginning to buy maternity clothes and now I am so over them! 

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