2nd Trimester

Had to tell DH to stop it

Last night I was standing in the kitchen talking to DH after I got home from work. I had already changed into my PJ's, which was a low cut hot pink top with some shorts. I normally wear one of my many black tops for PJ's, but went with pink last night.(apparently my belly appeared larger than usual) So anyway, I'm chatting with DH and I notice that his eyes keep drifting south. I first thought he was checking out my boobs, which is normal. But then I noticed he was looking a lot lower than usual. So I ask him, "What do you keep looking at?" He says, "I can't help it! You are so pregnant now! It's like really sticking out there!" 

I just had to laugh! I never thought my belly would receive more attention than my boobs!  

Re: Had to tell DH to stop it

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