Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

So, i have this great shirt...

Problem is...i was wearing that shirt when i found out about my missed m/c.  harder problem is that i find myself avoiding that shirt on a daily basis and haven't worn it since.  anyone else relate with similar post-m/c "avoidances"?

Re: So, i have this great shirt...

  • I can relate- I try to avoid my upstairs bathroom- esp. at night, which is when I realized something wasnt right. I am thinking about redecorating it this weekend... maybe that will help.
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  • Yes, sort of.  But I am trying to hold it against my clothes!  On a slightly different note, I had a harder time walking into my ob's office for my post-D&C appointment than I thought I would.  The other times I went there, I was pregnant.  Then I wasn't.  Associations like that make me sad. 

    Sorry for your loss.  Geez, this sucks. 

  • DH got me a bears football shirt that I wanted forever but was back ordered for like 3 months. He brought it to me while I was in the hospital and I just happen to be wearing it when I went into labor. The nurses didnt want to cut it off of me and didnt have time to let me change so they just let me keep it on. After delivering both babies it was soaked in blood (tmi). I will forever remember that shirt as "the shirt".
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  • I have a couple of weird things.  Mostly they are things I ate or did the day I started bleeding.  We had pizza hut that night and I ate a banana.  I have been avoiding those.  Also, every time I go somewhere that I haven't been since then I think "last time I was here I was pregnant and now I am not".
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  • Yes, i do a lot of that..."was i pregnant the last time i did this?".  it drove me crazy in the beginning but as i kept living my life, those moments happened less and less.  they are still there and there are things i'm still consciously avoiding, but it's getting better with time. 

    i hope time has been healing all of you also!

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I definitely have post m/c avoidances. DH keeps telling me to try to forget them and make happier memories with those avoidances. Easier said than done, I know, but you are not alone.
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  • Mine is the What to Expect book.  I told my bf to put it away somewhere I wouldn't see it for awhile.  I had such a good time reading it and pointing things out to him, and I just can't think about it now.  I've also avoided work this weekend.  I had just told everyone the night before I started bleeding.  Now I have to go back and hear their sympathies, which I'm trying to avoid.
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