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I'll ask again...

I'm not asking it as a rhetorical question...I'm really curious to see if anyone knows why LO's are crabby and more fussy during growth spurts? Do you think they have growing pains?

Re: I'll ask again...

  • They can be more crabby and fussy. DS is an easy baby so he just wanted to eat more to the point that his sleep schedule was altered. But I have heard, and seen my friend's baby be a lot more irritable. There's a growth spurt at 3w, 6w, 3m, and I believe 6m. I don't necessarily know if they're feeling pain though.

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  • I'm guessing it's something similar to how we feel before AF arrives. Kinda a surge of hormones and changes in the body and because they are babies fussing, not sleeping and eating as much as possible are their only ways of dealing with how they are feeling. Plus, a baby grows A LOT in their first few years of life, so when they are in a period of rapid growth I would imagine they probably do have some growing pains.
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  • I think it throws the "schedule" that they have developed off and it confuses and bothers them.  Both of my boys always sleep a ton in the days following a growth spurt.   
  • I think they have growing pains
  • I always thought growing pains were BS, until I met a girl (12 yrs old) at my part time job, who was being treated by a doctor for growing pains- she was a really tall girl for her age, and her mom said that her bones ached, especially her back and leg joints (hips, knees, ankles). Maybe babies feel it too?
  • If they are growing very fast (as a spurt seems to imply) they certainly can have growing pains.  Around 6th grade I had daily migraines.  After lots of fun talks with the doctors and chiropractors one of them finally xray'd me.  My spine didn't keep up with my latest growth spurt and 'stretched' a little.  This caused the little tab-looking bone at the base of the skull/top of spine to press into my skull when my spine caught up to my growth.  Wow was that fun!  I had gone from aching back to daily blinding migraines.

    I can't blame a baby whatsoever if they are fussing during a growth spurt!  I also agree that because these changes will disrupt the self-imposed schedule that they will be fussier in general just due to tired/irritability.  Alyssa's spurts so far have seemed to fall more under this and not so much the pains thankfully.  You could almost compare this to daylight savings when we switch up our schedules, those first couple days aren't very easy for many people.

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