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Anyone else have BV during pregnancy?

Found out today that I have BV right now. It's been causing me to have an "irritable uterus" as my doctor called it and some lower back pain/cramps. Starting my antibiotics tonight.  Any reason to really worry at all? Stupid WTEWYE scared me when I looked at it and it mentioned that it can cause infections of amniotic fluid....


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Re: Anyone else have BV during pregnancy?

  • I've heard that untreated infections (yeast, bv, uti) can cause pre term labor. But I would think since you have been cked and got and rx for it you will be fine. If you are super worried ask your doctor but sometimes I think you can read to much!!!
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  • I had it back in first tri. My OB wasn't too worried about it. He just gave me a Rx for antibiotics. They were HORRIBLE tasting and giant, but it cleared up within a week. 
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  • yep...had it for most of my pregnancy. had to take antibiotics every couple of weeks. i asked why and doc said that some woman get it and some dont. Most of the time the reasoning behind it is because the change in the Ph of the body. My pregnancy is cool and so is LO...so as long as you take your meds youll be ok. Do not get upset or be surprised if it comes back. Most times it does occur more than once. Sometimes not. 
  • I had a yeast infection, BV and a UTI (the latter two at the same time.)  They put me on antibiotics and I was fine within a couple of weeks.  The thing that freaked me out about the BV is that I did not have any noticeable symptoms of having it, and it was discovered when I got checked for the UTI, so I was afraid it would come back without my knowing.  When they did my cultures at 36 weeks for GBS, I asked them to check for BV as well and never heard anything about it.  I am sure you will be fine if you take your antibiotics.  Some people's vagina's just act funny with pregnancy hormones :-)
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